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Imagine your Crush... (for girls)

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As you read this story, imagine your crush so the story is about the two of you. It can get sad but will have a happy ending. This story is aimed at girls. Hope you enjoy!:-)

It is your first year of middle school. You walk into science class and notice a cute boy you've never seen before. Your best friend says that he
It is your first year of middle school. You walk into science class and notice a cute boy you've never seen before. Your best friend says that he went to a different elementary school, out of town.

The teacher lines you up in the back of the room and assigns everyone's seat. You are placed next to the boy. You begin to introduce yourself.

Every single day you talk to this boy. You get to know him so well he is one of your best friends. You fall in love with him. He is so ridiculously cute and has this amazing personality. Day after day your crush on him gets bigger and bigger.

Then you hear the rumor.

According to the rumor, the boy you love got together with Savanna, the prettiest girl in your class. Savanna is the type of girl that all the boys fall in love with. It's no wonder your crush loves her instead of you, and you can't help but feel jealous.

The conversations between him and you become more and more limited. Every so often you talk, and when you do, it's all about Savanna! Savanna! Savanna! Savanna did this! Savanna and I held hands on the bus! Savanna went to my house yesterday! Savanna! Savanna! Savanna!

You begin to despise Savanna, and you are angry at your crush.

But a month later your crush begins flirting with another girl, Maggie.

You are confused. He was dating Savanna but now he is flirting with Maggie? You decide to ask Savanna what's going on.

At lunch you walk over to Savanna, but she has her head down and is crying. A few tables older, you see your crush laughing and talking with Maggie. You remember when you used to laugh like that with him. As for right now, you decide not to ask a crying Savanna what's going on with her and your crush, but instead, if she's okay.

You tap Savanna on the shoulder. She lifts her head up and is surprised to see you. You see her popular friends glaring at you as if you were their prey.

"You okay?" you ask, concerned.

Savanna sniffles and nods, but she doesn't look okay.

You kneel down so you can see eye-to-eye with her. "Tell me what's wrong," you say.

Savanna wipes her tears and says, "My boyfriend dumped me for Maggie. He says he never loved me and has loved her since the day they met." She begins crying again.

You feel a lump form in your throat. This is not only bad news for her, but also for you.

Months pass and so do years. You haven't talked to your crush since the end of sixth grade. Now it is December of eighth grade and he is still dating Maggie.

You can't help but feel jealous when you see them laughing, or with your crush's arm over her shoulder, or them holding hands. They seem to really love each other.

Then there is news.

Apparently after a year and eight months after they got together, your crush has broken up with Maggie. You are ecstatic. You feel bad for your crush and Maggie, but you are happy for yourself. There is a dance in two weeks.

You decide to slip a note in your crush's locker, reading:

Dear *insert name here*
I have liked you since I met you. I have had feelings for you since the first day of sixth grade and always wanted to ask you out, but you were always into the other girls and not me. I know we haven't talked in a long time, but I was really hoping you could go to the dance with me.
*your name*

Later that day, your crush's friend Ivan tells you that your crush said you were "too nerdy" for him and he would "never want to go out with you in a million years".

This absolutely breaks your heart. That day, you go home and sob your eyes out.

The next day, you open your locker and a pink piece of paper comes flying out.

You open it up and it is from your crush.

Dear *your name*
You are the sweetest, most beautiful girl I know. You are the reason I broke up with Maggie and also the reason I was hesitant to date her. I would be overjoyed to go to the dance with you.
Love always,
*insert crush's name*

You couldn't be happier. You and your crush get together and are nominated "best couple" at the dance. He buys you a bouquet of flowers.

He holds hands with you now, just like he did with Maggie and Savanna.

He puts his arm around your shoulders now, just like he did with Maggie and Savanna.

And he loves you more than any of the girlfriends he's ever had in his life.

--*--The End--*--

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69 days ago
You kinda make my crush sound like a player for the girls...I mean, flirting while you have a girlfriend, ditching her, then ditching your girlfriend of several years...RIGHT BEFORE a dance!
96 days ago
Hiii again I read this story 4 the second time and it was EVEN BETTER
126 days ago
Awwwww soooooo cuttttttte I’m so addicted with crush imagines
133 days ago
Hey piano Keys I haven't heard from you in a while have you been on here recently?? 🤔
145 days ago
@Kar same he’s crushing back but he says he doesn’t want a gf. He just wants to be friends even though we both know we like each other :/
147 days ago
My crush likes me back, but Idk what to do about it. He won't ask me out. But he's touched me before and ALMOST held my hand. I need help.
151 days ago
Oops sorry why did I comment that twice?! 😬😱🤔
151 days ago
My crush has dated no one 😁 YET. Hey Piano Keys any ideas for some new tests? I need ideas and my brother is a totally useless initiator. All I've made since we last talked was a Super Paper Mario villain "which are you most like?" Test and I just made a list about my top favorite Lego movie 2 songs and now I'm out of ideas! Oh wait y did write another personality test for girls about which Batman girl villain they are but my phone has no wifi of SIM card (my mom took it out when she found my phone was broken but it's not and I still have internet access!). So yeah any suggestions anyone?
153 days ago
my crush has dated...let me count...5 girls in the 2 years I've known him.
153 days ago
my crush in a nutshell.
154 days ago
And then he finds someone else and you die of heartbreak.
159 days ago
Haven't been on in a while sry


Thx!! I'm trying to get published, I'm writing a book called Dimension Travelers, only I'm in a writer's block and for the past 6 months haven't been able to write. I started a new story about a new girl that I might publish instead, but it doesn't have a name yet.

That's cooolll! Can't wait ur a phenomenal writer

@piano keys (76407)
tf there's another piano keys??? Is someone pretending to be me THATS NOT ME

Omg thx!
166 days ago
hey Piano Keys this was a very touching story and it was awesome!!!
and #TheGlisteningPizza i think ur story will be great aswell!my crush is going out with this girl named Skye from somewhere else and im rlly jealous cuz Leon keeps talking about her :(
167 days ago
P.S. it's going to be 6 chapters long :)
167 days ago
Hey Piano Keys, I was always wanting to make a "Imagine your crush" story too, but I didn't know when to start! Now you've inspired me to write one! It should be out in some days but I don't know exactly when I have the time to write it... I already wrote it out on paper tho so I know the story I just have to type it on this site... so stay tuned everyone!
168 days ago
he finna break her heart too tf
168 days ago
Here is another one, Imagen your boyfriend.

You just got into highschool. You moved so you knew nobody. Then you walk into you homeroom. You got a welcome buddy. He is so cute and popular. You instantly fall in love. He shows you around. You didn't pay much attention. All you could think of was how wonderful his voice was and how blue his eyes were. The next day you sat beside him again. You overheard him talking to one of his friends. He was talking about you! You acted like you were doing homework but you were listening. "I love the new girl. I don't know if she likes me though," is what you heard come out of his mouth. At lunch he came up to you and asked if he could talk to you. He grabbed your hand and took you to the hallway. He looked at the ground then looked up. He asked if you ans him could be in a relationship! You almost screamed. You were so happy. You guys scheduled a date next week. That was all you could think of.

The End.
168 days ago
OMG! I didn't have to imagine him. He is real. I love him so much. He just already has a girlfriend named zoey. :(
168 days ago
This is really good piano keys! You should keep writing stories like these! They're amazing!

Piano Keys, I will check out your tests and quizzes. I sincerely hope you'll check out mine!
168 days ago
Piano Keys,

You are a truly gifted writer. You’d be a great author! You already are but still. Wonderful story!