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The love story between me and my crush ❤

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This is a true story which happened to me and my old crush. It really means a lot to me.

    We were the best of friends! We would do everything together and we always looked out for each other. He would always make me laugh in times of doubt even if he sometimes did tease me and did mess around with me.
    Everyone in our class and sometimes even outside of our class thought that we had feelings for each other. To be honest, we didn't. We were just very close friends (even if we didn't confess it ourselves). Everyone felt like we should get together and be a couple but my crush and I would just look at each other, disgusted to what our classmates were saying.
    After a while, we began to get closer. I don't know if he noticed it but I certainly did and so did everyone else. We would tell each other secrets that we had never told ANYONE and that we swore to ourselves that we would never tell anyone but we did. It felt so odd yet so nice. There's no way to describe it. I suppose it was just LOVE.(epurple))
    It was the last day of primary school (elementary school in the U.S.). My crush didn't pass his 11 plus (an exam to get into a secondary/high school for the smarter students/grammar school). He tried to appeal but he failed that as well. We were going to be separated into different schools.I was going to grammar school and he was going to a normal secondary school for boys only. It was hard to get my head round that we would never see each other again. It was EXTREMELY hard.

    I loved him.

    I genuinely loved him.

    Now, I'm at my grammar school and he's probably still at his normal secondary school for boys. It was a hard couple of months without him. I still really liked him for quite a long time. It's been almost a year now and I have started to dislike him.

    Now I like this other boy. I will not name him because my friends may read this story and I haven't told them who my new crush is. He is very cute but he is taken. I will not lose him like how I lost my old crush.

    Thank you for reading this true story about me and my old crush:)

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3 days ago
Thanks Drama Queen lol I really hate my writing that's why I don't write anymore but thanks! And sure we can be friends!
8 days ago
TheQuizzyAddict - Hi! I’m Drama Queen! You were on lots of test I was on so I checked your fan fics. You are great writer! Sorry you and your crush got seperated. The same thing will happen to me in 6th grade (I’m 4th grade right now). I’m going to Swanson he’s going to Williamsburg. I don’t wanna come across me mean but don’t steal someone else’s boyfriend. Can we be friends?
25 days ago
hi (57826) 1 seconds ago
If anyone sees us can please try to send it @TheQuizzyAddict or anyone you know who’s suffering
stay alive (hi) (57826) 3 minutes ago
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😭😭😭🤯😢🤬😢😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥 😣
hi (57826) 5 minutes ago
also not just @TheQuizzyAddict but to every who might see this that are suffering
hi (57826) 8 minutes ago
also your not tour i can’t type
lol Vired (57826) 10 minutes ago
I Meant burden burden
hi (57826) 11 minutes ago
pls get help with trusted adult I know it’s tough but you will get though this I care for you person I’ve never met before. Pls live for me if no one alse I’m sorry you feel that way btw your not a verdin on everyone else You might think that but it’s not true tour amazing a pice of work and there’s no way you should give up and dystroye great unique art pls tell you parents Pls and during theses tough times Know your not alone I recomendable Dr1ven i industries on YouTube I was scrolling through TikTok and I found it so yeah. Pls stay alive for me
38 days ago
how old are you quizzy
148 days ago
You are absolutely welcome!
149 days ago
I'm 12 and when I was dating my ex we went everywhere but I was thinking of places like the park or shopping somewhere...

Also thanks!!!
150 days ago
151 days ago
Well, Quizzy, Whats the quiz's id number so i can take it? Also I'm like 13. So im not sure im able to take my crush somewhere
151 days ago
TheFadedWalker500 yh I've already made a wiz about myself. It's in the not included 😁

Also maybe y could arrange to go somewhere with ur crush. But maybe you'd want to do it with some other people around too cuz ut could he awkward seeing as u two arent very close friends yet.
152 days ago
I'm afraid that my crush doesn't like me back.
152 days ago
Hey, Quizzy, could you make a quiz about yourself?
152 days ago
Wait. I thought you were a boy .sry. Awesome story! Yeah right now im trying to make friends w/ my crush (not rlly wrking)

im a boy
152 days ago
Btw I went a bit crazy with the colours cuz I was kinda new to allthetests when I wrote this
152 days ago
Yeah I that crush agesssss ago lol but I miss my other crush...
155 days ago
I thought I had commented on this before. Anyways aww this story is so cute!!!
156 days ago
Fellow Earthling I'm afraid that I cant tell u who to pick. It's up to what ur own heart desires.

Also I'm rlly sorry about Yaren. Maybe I could speak to someone about her
158 days ago
I relate but the other way round. he's the one in the grammar school I'm in the normal school but its for boys and girls. I have (let's just call him Jack) Jacks number but he never texted me and I tried to start a convesation but he never replies. then in high school, I met (let's just call him Alex) Alex who I really like. Then in music I met (let's just call him Tom) Tom who IDK if I like. anyway whenever Jack texts me, (always on a group chat with our other friends from primary) I always get really nervous and excited. I haven't seen him since the end of August and I really miss him.

So do u think I like Jack or I just really miss him?

who should I choose out of Jack, Alex and Tom?

I like Alex the most but we only talk to each other in Food tech, History and sometimes German. Should I tell him that I like him? (I'm shy around guys so its really hard)

As if this isn't already enough to worry about, Yaren is taking my friends away from me and Elizabeth, Stephanie and Yaren are horrible to me
217 days ago
Hehe thabksssssssss
218 days ago
What a sweeeeet story!!!!!!!
219 days ago
Hawi ???????