๐Ÿ’ž Am I in love? ๐Ÿ’ž (Lesbian Version)

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This quiz will tell you if you are in love, itโ€™s just a crush, or you donโ€™t like her.

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    How much time do you spend together?
    How much time do you spend together?

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2 days ago
I have a crush on a girl that is lesbian like me and I canโ€™t help but feel excited when talking to her or fantasizing about her but she has a gf and idk what to do
14 days ago
i know i like isabelle
but i dont know if she likes me cause whenever our friends ship us she gets mad at them but she basically florts with me when we sit next to eachother in maths ,oh and i havent got a phone so i cant speak to her in quarantine
any help?
yeh any help?
20 days ago
I'm non-binary so we're not a lesbian couple, but this quiz I liked the best. Although we're in quarantine so I haven't gotten to see her much... ๐Ÿ˜ข
27 days ago
"You are in love! Make a move now!"

a). We're quarantined
b). Our relationship has professional roots
c). There's this huge age gap (we're talking 36-year age gap)
d). She is straight

34 days ago
Ive been dating my girlfriend for almost four months now and still getting comfortable with the idea of saying i love you. But she makes me so happy and i know that shes the most important person in the world to me. I like to think she feels the same way and would say it back. Sometimes it feels like we have these conversations where were both dancing around the topic. Shes so wonderful and good at bringing stuff up, she asked me out and invited me to stay over night the first time we did that, now i want to return the favor and make the first move with telling her! Do i wait until we see each other after quarantine or tell her in facetime? We will see!!
39 days ago
Hi I have a crush on a girl and I love her but what do you do when she asks you out i just froze up and felt excited and nervous I said yes but now she talking about the future and before lock down she asked me to Mary her and were just in year 10 what do I do??
44 days ago
I know I like her. She likes me back. The problem is she lives over 3 hours away and we're both already in a relationship with someone else. I would never cheat, and neither would she, so neither of us will ever ask the other out. I think of her as my soulmate, but with the way things are going, I doubt we'll ever be together.
67 days ago
typical lesbian love-she lives 6000 miles away,
80 days ago
yeah, i know I'm in love. that's the problem. she lives 500 km away from me
93 days ago
I know she likes girls but idk if she likes me :( I kinda don't wanna like her cause I'm scared of rejection but she's really pretty and sweet ๐Ÿ˜“
109 days ago
she broke up with me
113 days ago
I got "In Love". Too bad I haven't come out yet XD
Plus both her family and mine don't like LGBTQ+ and stuff so... yeah. It kinda sucks.
115 days ago
I'm already dating her so haha, now i know we are perfect for each other!!!
137 days ago
Iโ€˜m bisexual so Iโ€™m soo confused about this... we shared a room for 4 months. And now that we a re back in our home countries we still text but yk not that much at all... so Iโ€™m all the time confused if im in love or i just extremely miss her
142 days ago
I'm in loveeeeee :D๐Ÿ’• except shes straight. I think. If she isn't she isn't out yet, oh well, I hope she likes me back!
167 days ago
Ooh dang I like her more than I thought ;) Hopefully things go well
228 days ago
AndI'm trans so Louise us technically in love with a boy
228 days ago
my crush (story)
When I first moved schools, Louise was my first friend. Then we became best friends! Then one day, Louise confessed to me. I didn't like her, but I didn't want to upset her, so I said I have a tiny little crush. we were kinda too young to date, so uhhh we were just 'BFFS'. But eventually I started to like her....
I told her I like her a lot and she liked me still. soo.........
She asked me to be her girlfriend.............................. ....
I almost fell over. I was like yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss in my head. But I was like uhhh yah when we're 13!
Anyway we told all our friends..............
They were all supporting and kind....
But one day, she told me her dad doesn't support LGBT+. i was like, whatever. Then she said, ik we're not really together.... but can we kinda......break up. I thought I would cry! Is Lou so stupid that she would think her parents opinion mattered??? when we're 18 it's our choice!! Or does she not love me any more and is making up excuses to break up....

I thought she was the one......................
234 days ago
Ahh, only a crush. Oh well, hope she likes me back!