Are you bisexual? (For elementary/middle schoolers)

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I am a proud bisexual male and I want to help everyone else who thinks they are too out by making this test 😁

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    Have you ever thought about/had a relationship with the same sex?

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6 days ago
I think i'm either bi, or bi-curious. i just wish there were more quizzes like this.
45 days ago
I got Bi and I’m sort of confused about my sexuality (I do kinda feel like I’m Bi tho)
46 days ago
person below me is sooo relatable, for me at least
87 days ago
aah im so confused I don't know if im bi or just make myself believe it
89 days ago
Hi! Sending all of you a virtual hug. much love - bi kid
131 days ago
homosexuality doesn't really matter if you are in a relationship with a girl.

Just never had a crush on my friends and family i know that i would never be able to tell them. What about you guys and we are doing the way we are gonna i am a good person to help you with that and you have a good time to tell you how much i care for your family i know that i am so sorry to tell my friends i am going through the same day and i'm not going through the way you do that i'm not going through that you have no one else and you have no way to help you i do love love the girl i don't think you have a lot to tell you what about me and you have a lot to tell you what you want me i know i love love and care and love to tell my friends i don't want you and you don't want me i want you and you don't know.
177 days ago
Hi children, I’m non-binary and pansexual. I’m in 6th grade. I’m closeted. What I want to say is that it’ll be ok
190 days ago
"I don´t know what this is so just be sure do a few more tests" 1. 💗!! you dont know? 2. dont say I`m bi if you dont know what it is!
222 days ago
I'm bisexual. But, only my friends could ever understand. If I ever told my parents, I would stay grounded until I'm 18.
274 days ago
I´m 100% Gay 💗(I´m a Male) and I want to say don´t be Scared to come out❤❤🏳️‍🌈⚢
278 days ago
Umm. It said I was bi and my mom and grandma are homophobic and I only told my best friend that is bi too and I think I like her! Help!!!
280 days ago
this helped a lot i came out to my mom today actually
308 days ago
It says that I AM bi but I'm more romantically attracted to girls but more sexually attracted to boysp, I don't know
324 days ago
I’m bisexual and so is my friend and she likes me but I don’t like her I like her friend but I’m more scared to tell my parents
335 days ago
I’m biromantic (romantically attracted to boys and girls) homosexual (sexually attracted to girls, not guys, ew) and my parents are homophobic. Yay.
335 days ago
I'm bisexual~! o btw the fact that an option was "hello no" made me laugh lol, all the other ones didn't have a funny option like that
354 days ago
Well I'm bi and this is pretty accurate! I already told one of my friends that I'm bisexual I kind of like her xD but I'm scared to tell my parents I don't know if they're homophobic or not and I'm just kind of scared that I'll get bullied in school :c
356 days ago
I’m bi but my religion Doesn’t allow it and my mom is a super homophob..
364 days ago
I'm bi but my mom is defo homophobic how do I tell her
369 days ago
I really don't know if I'm bi. I like girls and guys, but it's all just so confusing. I feel so happy reading these comments and knowing that I'm not alone. Thanks so so so much!!! I am also glad that there's a test for people that are younger.