Are you bisexual? (For elementary/middle schoolers)

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I am a proud bisexual male and I want to help everyone else who thinks they are too out by making this test 😁

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    Have you ever thought about/had a relationship with the same sex?

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300 days ago
I am bisexual. I didn’t even have to take the test. You know why? Cause I kissed a girl and I liked it.
300 days ago
I love how they put Female, OTHER and Male on it XD I’m now an attack helicopter aka no gender
300 days ago
It said I’m bi I think I am sure of it told my friends but I don’t wana tell my parents they’re not against it but I’m to scared .

If anyone is scared to come out like me maybe try writing a note or do it my text
301 days ago
I'm think I'm a bi... Very young . 3rd grade young. Ima wait till I'm older to find out and come out
301 days ago
I took it twice i got bi both times and i kinda feel like i am
304 days ago
it thinks I’m bi I took another and I got bi but I am in 6th grade so I will find out eventually I don’t give a dame what💗or how you like went the same gender or not your still human
304 days ago
It thinks that I’m bi wish me luck on telling my parents 😱😱
304 days ago
I don’t know what I am wish me luck
318 days ago
I know I’m bi but I’m scared to come out but not for the reason u would think. My sister is bi too and I think if I tell my parents I’m bi they will just think I’m trying to be like my sister and think it’s cute
318 days ago
@lena same thooooo :') the struggles
322 days ago
well my parents said i have no attraction to boys but i got the bi on this test but i am in 4th grade so i will take some time to think,and wait till i get a bit older to come out
326 days ago
Welp. I'm bi. This is just lifeu.
328 days ago
Ur parents don’t know everything my dad would murder me if he knew, but he isn’t me. I’m coming out to my friends this week wish me luck 😘;)
329 days ago
Funny story short

I'm pansexual
331 days ago
i feel so childish taking all these online quizzes to see if i’m bi, even though i’m pretty sure i am, but i’m just so scared to come out and i want to be sure before i do.
337 days ago
I said I was bi and to be completely honest I kinda am cause I've liked both genders for a long time. Also when it asked about coming out I already did so I didn't know what to put (thx mum for being happy with me btw) ( ͡◉ ͜ ʖ ͡◉)(
338 days ago
I am bi and it gave me bi but I am scared to come out!...
338 days ago
hello, i'd like to thank you for this opportunity to explore how i feel about others. i'm definitely Bi, and have come out to my father's side of the family. yet my mother got mad at me, and said i am too young to know how i feel. so thank you all
340 days ago
It asked if we’ve been in a relationship. Boi. Nothing counts until hi school
341 days ago
Many adults think that kids aren't mature/responsible to know their own sexuality. My friend thought she was lesbian when she was just nine, today she is fifteen and has now come out to her whole family as lesbian. Parents don't always have to be right, guys. Think about yourself and how you act. Think about how you're attracted to that💗and why. Do you like that other sex? What about your own sex? I'm young, but I know I'm bisexual. 😁