If you woke up as a boy...

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Please don't lie

  • 1
    You just woke up.
    How do you feel?
  • 2
    You look in the mirror. What's the first thing you notice?
  • 3
    You have to pick clothes. what do you wear?

  • 4
    You get to school. who do you hang out with?
  • 5
    You have to pick someone to sit next to. who?
  • 6
    You are on your way home and you see a cute girl. what do you do?

  • 7
    You need the loo, where to go?
  • 8
    How do you go?
  • 9
    It's the evening. you usually attend an art club with your bffs. what club do you do today?
  • 10
    You get in bed and have a decision to make. change back to a girl or remain a boy?

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7 days ago
You might last a few hours but not much longer! you would choose being a girl over being a boy and are your typical girl. don't worry, this is just a what if!

but im bi????? i talk with BOTH girls and boys
58 days ago
it said i would last a few hours as a boy. im positive im a trangender male UM no way, i would choose a boy body over a girl's ANYTIME.
75 days ago
Uhhh, bruh. I'm bisexual. This is all just based off of old "girly girl" and "boyish boy" stereotypes that no one should even care about anymore. And if anyone wants to know my result, I'd last a few hours as a boy. Fine, whatever. See if I care, I just took this because I'm bored.
91 days ago
well mine was I would last a few hours but am a tomboy so I would like to be a boy hmm I should start thinking of being transgender 😦😕
92 days ago
Well I'm gender fluid and wish I was born a boy. It says I'm girly...
110 days ago
This is sexist. What if someone was homo pan or asexual? Think with ur brain an ur heart, not by ur gender-biased assumptions
124 days ago
I got girly girl thank goodness (my boy friend would be upset with any other answer) XD
130 days ago
cool to everyone who is a girly girl, cuz I'm one tooooooooo!!!!!!!!
136 days ago
girly girl yaaaaaas
142 days ago
girly girl yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssss sssssssss
168 days ago
"Typical girl!" I am a transgender male😐
190 days ago
Either way it's whatever but that prediction wasn't correct lol
190 days ago
"Typical girl" mate have you ever met me? If I cut my hair short you wouldn't know I was a girl other then my face (I can't control what that looks like sadly). But I'm not a typical girl and that statement doesn't work anymore as most girls aren't the typical girl stereotype now
195 days ago
((Navy))Id give myself a 💗 and jump up and down to see if it feels as funny as it looks
196 days ago
I like being a girl anyway.
203 days ago
Ya I’d totally rather be a girl. If I was a guy for a day I’d get hard and feel what that would be like. Ik it feels good as a female, rubbing your clitttt, but having a dickk still sounds like fun.
214 days ago
I‘m not a girly girl :/ 🤢 but whatever
227 days ago
I don't think it could have been more wrong. I got girly girl that wouldn't last a day and would be dying to go back to being a girl. Beech just because I still wanna hang out with my friends doesn't mean I ain't a boy. It just means I have friends that I wanna keep and that just because I have a d*ck doesn't mean I have to act like one.
259 days ago
"don't panic you are a girl" Trust me, I'm not. Though why is this geared entirely at straight people? You could have specified. Also, who you are attracted to wouldn't necessarily change? I've heard of trans guys whose orientation changed while on HRT.
265 days ago