When will you get your period?

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If you are a girl going through puberty or just an average girl and is wondering when you are going to get your period the take this quiz.

  • 1
    1. How old are you?
  • 2
    2. How old was your mum when she got her period?
  • 3
    3. What stage are your boobs at?
  • 4
    4. Do you have armpit hair?
  • 5
    5. Do you have leg hair?
  • 6
    6. Do you have pubic hair (hair down there 👇)?
  • 7
    7. Do you have/want a boyfriend?
  • 8
    8. Have you ever had cramps underneath your belly button?
  • 9
    9. Do you have discharge? (Goop in underwear)
  • 10
    10. Last question- do you have food cravings?

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8 days ago
@ ;( that's odd.. you really seem like you would've gotten it like two years ago
8 days ago
It said three to five months I already have it lol
68 days ago
@Fusfhsrhfxb, ME TOO! Everybody else has gotten theirs but me and my best friend and she got hers a few weeks ago :( so sad
68 days ago
I haven't gotten my period yet and I'm in 8th grade. Will it ever happen??? I wear B-C bra cups, I started puberty in 5th grade, and I've had massive discharge (like white-yellow-brown and soaks through underwear, I have it all day every day) since 5th-6th grade. :( I JUST WANT MY PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
86 days ago
I’m turning 13 in August to lol
I hate life atm btw.
90 days ago
I have done so many quizzes and they all say I will get it soon if i haven’t already can someone estimate me though?
-A cup bra
-discharge for like a year and a half maybe more it’s been so long i can’t even remember
-I don’t think I have spotted yet
-12 years old same age as when my mom got it
-sweat so much
-tons of hair down there and on arms and legs and armpits
-acne is baaaad concealer is a lifesaver
-moody and achy and cramps and cravings and bloated and (tmi) constipation and diarrhea and all of the pms symptoms like ever
-grew like 4-5 inches in like 7 or 8 months
Plz tell me if I forgot anything and please estimate if you can thanks
104 days ago
@Fusfhsrhfxb it’s ok I haven’t started mine either and my friends have not all of them but three have I feel kinda left out like you especially if they talk about it frequently. Idk what kind of advice to give you because all of us on this sight are probably hormonal trainwrecks. But just wanted to say I feel you and my insta is @egg_goes_the_screech Incase you wanna dm me
104 days ago
I need my period soon. Out of all the girls it was just me and my bff who hadn’t had there period. She had her period last week and I feel so left out
105 days ago
@Lily some ppl have cramps and some ppl don't. hope that helped
105 days ago
My cramps has stopped. They used to be sharp pains like I was stabbed, But I have all the other PMS’s... Is this Normal?
109 days ago
Can someone check out my story on Wattpad. It’s called Neverfall: Always a Queen! I hope someone reads it, pleaseee!
Ps I know this has nothing to do with periods. BTW I’m 12 and haven’t got my period yet and I’ll be turning 13 in August.
112 days ago
113 days ago
Lil’REEtard that is not how a period works, it doesn’t come from the clit...
118 days ago
Lil' REEtard what the f-
119 days ago
The period is when blood pours out of the uterus.

Squeeze the period blood from my clit,
120 days ago
I am a boy and ot said soon so
120 days ago
I got 2 months!
I’m excited! Is that weird? Lol
120 days ago
Maybe accurate, cuz Other quizzes said 0-5 months and this one says 3-5 months, so maybe
120 days ago
Maybe moderately accurate...........