Are you bi or just curious?

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This test is here to help girls figure out their sexuality and want to know if their bisexual. Keep in mind this isn’t defining anyone’s sexuality it will just give you advice and answers

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    Have you always fancied girls or just recently?
    Have you always fancied girls or just recently?

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44 days ago
I think I'm bi but I might be lesbian because I really hate my brothers and a lot of boys but😘 idc either works for me
70 days ago
I have always liked boys, but for the last couple of years I have become more and more afraid and scared around grown men. No matter how nice or gentlemen like they are, I get scared. (I did not experience any abuse growing up, but I don’t like hanging out with or being near grown men) My feelings for boys my age have slowed down, and i get the occasional butterflies here and there but nothing more. But In the beginning of the ninth grade, I found out that this girl had a mega crush on me. I was slightly alarmed, but really intrigued and I wanted to hang out with her more. (She had no idea I knew.) But then one night I was nervous that She thought I was leading her on, so I slowly stopped responding to her texts, I hugged her less, and we grew apart. But I started to seriously question my sexuality two weeks ago, and now I have a mild crush on the same girl who had a mega crush on me, and I also have a female celebrity crush, and I have no idea where this is going. All I want to do for (let’s call her Sara) Sara is I want to protect her, cuddle her, love her and just be there for her. I have a mild crush on her. And I hope it all works out.
70 days ago
It suggested I was bi with a tendency towardS men. I tend to agree because I’ve always identified as gay and acted accordingly all of my life. However, I always said that I would have💗with women in given the opportunity - for exploratory purposes; without being offensive. Moreover I’ve had an incredible amount of detailed 💗 dreams involving one or more women over the past couple of months so I would definitely say that I have a physical attraction to the opposite 💗 I wouldn’t go as far as saying bisexual because my sexual history with men suggests otherwise but I suppose it all depends on whether your definition encompasses feelings and emotions. I don’t consider myself to be emotional attracted to women and only physically, and therefore believe that I’m a homosexual with heterosexual tendencies - if there is ever such a thing :)
78 days ago
i didn't know what some of the people looked like....Halsey was a person that i looked up oh my god i can't even that's the most beautiful person i've ever seen....
79 days ago
i watched atypical casey is the one who made me question my sexuality she is so fit
90 days ago
not suprised. i am mostly bi.
92 days ago
good I am89% straight!
123 days ago
God i am 0% straight and i am not surprised
134 days ago
LMAO im dead im 0% straight 💗 i wasnt ready for that
137 days ago
I just thought that I might help some people out here, you don't have to put a label on yourself. You are you and you don't have to put a label like "gay" or "straight" on right now. Don't stress about it, just be you! I hope that helped a little! Thank you! :3
142 days ago
I didnt get a clear answer as it gave me ABC this is making me more confused!
146 days ago
I got bi or partially bi and I’ve always kind of questioned if I was bi or not and if I am it will be really hard to come out right now I have a boyfriend but I have had crushes on girls too can someone help me???idk if I’m bi or just curious #lgbtq#confused
149 days ago
I date this boy malachi but my friend girl likes me and wants me to date her but idk if im bi
150 days ago
I think everyone can like girls or boys like there are some hot girls out there and hot boys👭👫
168 days ago
I'm afraid to come out of the "closet" when I'm bisexual. I can only tell my trusted friends, but not my parents. I told it to one of my friends and she is part of the LGBTQ+, I just found out. I can trust her, because she is also part of my group, and Gay. I have a crush on her, but I really don't wanna tell her.
168 days ago
Hah, so true! I got that I’m straight but curious. I am wondering though why there’s no completely straight answer. If there was, I probably would have gotten it, but my actual identity is straight but curious. I’ve had one girl crush and sometimes find myself looking at girls in a questioning way, as if I’m trying to decide if I like them even though it’s not always a girl I would like
180 days ago
I wanna come out so badly, but i'm just too scared and still super unsure if I am really BI. :I Lowkey wish I could tell someone in rl about it tho...
265 days ago
I was kinda offended at this quiz, as for a lot of the answers, it said a lot of the time "yeah but I like boys" and didn't let me say I prefer girls. I don't like this quiz very much and it said I was straight, even tho I'm dating a girl XD
300 days ago
Im bi, and only told one person and kind of have a crush on a friend but its the last year of school so should I just wait it out?
337 days ago
@boi i don’t think so really ?? the answers are slightly similar yeah but not exactly if you read them properly