How Long Until Your First Period?

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I hope this will help you, and I have researched on this topic as well!

  • 1
    First off, do you have vaginal discharge? (white or clear stuff in your underwear)
  • 2
    What is your discharge like?
  • 3
    How much hair do you have on your kitty?

  • 4
    What about armpit hair?
  • 5
    Now then, how old are you?
  • 6
    How much older or younger than you was your mom when she started?

  • 7
    How many of the following have you experienced?

    -mood swings
    -abdominal cramps
    -back cramps
    -upper leg cramps
    -greasy hair
    -appetite changes
  • 8
    Do you have spotting? (brown spots in underwear)
  • 9
    What about your arm and leg hair?
  • 10
    Have you noticed some changes in your mood? How has it been lately?

  • 11
    Do you have acne?
  • 12
    Do you ever feel like you need a boyfriend?
  • 13
    Have you been sweating more often, and does it smell?

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312 days ago
so um- it said 0-1 months I have taken about 30 or so tests and the average is about that oop-
316 days ago
A little accurate i guess.......
324 days ago
age 11
hair down there is forest
no acne
discharge is frequent and getting larger in amoumt day to day
sweating is more stinky ofcourse
mood swings are also frequent😂😅😑😘🙁🤨😓
329 days ago
please estimate me
I’m 11 but next month I will be twelve
My hair down there is an entire FOREST
My 💗 haven’t really gotten big but are tender
Mom got hers at 12 sister got hers at 12 other sister got hers at 15 grandmama got her at 12
Sticky gooey discharge every single day and when I sit down or walk lots I can feel it and when I think about it too much I can feel it I can feel it right now it’s NASTY
I have a few blonde armpit hairs that’s it
I have EXTREMELY greasy hair
I sweat more and it STINKS
I have BAD mood swings
I have had a few cramps every week
And almost every one I know thinks that I have it like right now but I don’t oh yeah and I have noticed one or two drops of blood in my underwear but not sure if that’s it the test said 2-5 more months but I want to know another opinion so I know that it’s true pls tell what will happen and if it really probably WILL happen in 2-5 months just because I’m really really paranoid
329 days ago
"Smooth as a babies butt" that made me laugh XD
330 days ago
I want to know what I'm at.. .
I'm 12 and in a few months I will be 13
I have sticky gooy discharge about almost Every single day
I have bushy dark long hairs down there
And my armpit hair.. They're dark and straight but I shave every other day so ik not sure. Same with my legs
I thing my 💗 are at a stage 3 or 4
I get annoyed and very mad for no reason very easily
I've been eating not that heathy
And I have very greasy hair
I've been sweating a lot
And I haven't had any cramps
And im just so curious when it's going to come because so many people think I have it when I don't 😬
332 days ago
I took this like 6 months ago right before I started and it said 0 to 3 months, then I I took it again just for fun and it says 2 to 5 months even though I've already started
332 days ago
I actually kinda want my period as most people in my class have started!! Could someone estimate for me? Xx
Age: 12 1/2
Hair: I shave my legs & arms every other day but nothing on my armpits. Hair down there is like a FOREST
Breasts: Urrr about stage 3?
Bra: Cup size A probs gonna be too small soon
Sweat: I smell so bad at the end of the day help
Mood: I get angry really quickly for no reason and then suddenly wanna have a party in my room lol. I get mad at my friends ALL THE TIME!
Cramps: Omg all the time!
Diacharge: Very pale yellow-white colour, very gloopy, I can feel it when I sit down. I wear liners for it.
Cravings: Nutella and junk food especially but I've started to want to eat anything and everything and my brother keeps calling me a pig
Weight: 45 kilos (about 99 lbs)
Most tests I've taken say it's coming soon
334 days ago
Wow that’s awesome I hope it is accurate for mine!
335 days ago
This is accurate yayayayay