Does your crush like you? For boys

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Here’s a quiz to see if your crush likes you back! (Created by a girl, because I know how I act towards MY big crush!)

  • 1
    Does she defend you if others tease you?
  • 2
    Does she seem to try to make herself pretty around you?
  • 3
    Does she follow you around like a lost puppy?
  • 4
    Has she ever touched you (innocently)?
  • 5
    Does she know weird, random stuff about you?
  • 6
    If she’s already friends with you, has she ever hinted on it being something more?
  • 7
    This question is probably asked a lot on “does he/she like me” tests, but does she flirt with you?
  • 8
    Does she get jealous if you hang out with other girls (I know, another COMPLETELY original question)?
  • 9
    If you’re feeling down, does she comfort you?
  • 10
    Do you hear her go on and on about you?

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Also #thegp, that is so horrible... it didn't exactly put a pretty image in my mind... and i feel sooo bad for you..
9 days ago
This is for boys but idc I went on here anyway because I was curious. I agree she deserves comments DONT IGNORE THIS BOYS
16 days ago
I do cry when he gets hurt tho. Once he smashed his head against the back of the piano in our classroom and there was a lot of blood but do you know how he reacted? Just an "Oh, shoot." But he had to leave for a bit. I felt so sick I was so worried. I almost threw up in class 😭 and tried not to burst out crying. Luckily he turned out all right. And the piano in our room became a symbol of death and bad table orientation... But we all still laugh about it. I got over how scary it was. My classmate said to my crush, "dude, you acted as if nothing happened!" I mean, your head is gushing blood, and all you say is, "Oh, shoot"?!?!? At least he's ok... 😌
16 days ago
Haha 😂.
16 days ago
Oh that one didn’t work 😐
16 days ago
((big)Idk why I like doing big font lol
16 days ago
And boys if you’re reading this, girls do love to text & comment so don’t be surprised if female friends you have text you a lot... lol
16 days ago
Yeah, I told you boys don't like texting. lol
16 days ago
Aw thank u, tgp! It means a lot. And boys... Leave a comment! I’d love to help u guys if u have questions! 😁
17 days ago
Haha, no boys have commented. Just like we talked about, remember, RG? I don't get why these boys hardly ever comment... So...
If you are a boy that took this test... PLEASE COMMENT! And if you're wondering why I'm on here and I'm a girl, and why I care about y'all commenting, is because I know the maker of this test and she DESERVES comments!