Queen/freddie mercury quiz

A quiz with hard questions about queen, (only for real queen fans) if you're doing this well, you are having some good luck. BYEEE. <3

  • 1
    Ok, let's just start with a easy one; when did Freddie Mercury died?
  • 2
    Wich was the last album queen recorded?
  • 3
    Complete the scentence: one foolish world, so many souls

  • 4
    On wich clip of the miracle album Roger Taylor thought it was boring?
    (a little tip) it was written by Brian May
  • 5
    What is another name for Brian (from the fans)
  • 6
    From wich album is seven seas of rhye?

  • 7
    What are the names of Freddies parents?
  • 8
    What is Bri's real name?
  • 9
    Wich queen member love's cheese on toast?
  • 10
    Let's end with an easy one;
    what's the name of the queen movie released in 2018?

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