Am I boyish test

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  • 1
    You have been mistaken for a boy more than 3 times.
  • 2
    You are messy.
  • 3
    You have short hair.

  • 4
    You love video games.
  • 5
    You love to wear jeans.
  • 6
    You find lipstick scarier than spiders.

  • 7
    Your table manners are not very good.
  • 8
    You never wear high heels.
  • 9
    You exercise 5 times a week or more.
  • 10
    You prefer yard work to house work.

Comments (2)


901 days ago
This is a really accurate test. I really am a tomboy. ( way to much of a tomboy) I have not great manners, and sure love video games and i do exercise 10 times a week. (except during the summer holidays) I do jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, and aikido. I have short hair and are mistaken for a boy very often.

OMG! You are boyish alright! You have short hair which you never even brush, sport and video games are your life,
and you are very unladylike! You are 100% tomboy, with not a hint of girlyness to your name!

is super 100% true. I love this quiz!!!!!!
902 days ago
This quiz was good fun. I lean strongly toward tomboy, but I am able to pull of the sophisticated girl when required to do so!