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Middle School, Something I Know Nothing About: Episode 2 (My Alternate Life)

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It's Nikki's first day in a real public school...
Why would anyone be nervous?

Kayley yelled. I scrambled into my new purple-and-stars backpack, then flew out the door to the waiting bus. The man in it impatiently said,
"Stop taking your time, get in!" By that time, I was in the bus. I plopped onto a seat in the middle of the bus to go to impending doom. I decided that, to pass time, I would look around the bus at the people. No one was in the seats next to me, but in the seats across three boys were chatting. Two of them were tall and auburn, and the other one was average and had black skin. In the row in front of me, one honey blonde girl sat sullenly by the window while two other girls next to her talked away. There were short people, tall people, people with black hair, people with blonde hair... a lot of boys and girls. By then we were at the school. I had gone to orientation, so you could say I was slightly oriented, though not completely.
My first period was history. A bald man named Mr. Smith was our teacher. I mostly ignored the other students from history to science to language arts, my first three classes. I liked Miss McCormick--the science teacher--the best. Mr. Smith, although his voice wasn't monotone like history teachers in some books I'd read, would sometimes yell his words and sometimes barely whisper them. Mr. Johnson, the language arts teacher, had a permanent glare etched into his eyebrows.
And THEN it was lunch.

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7 days ago
Episode 4 will come out soon. Sorry it's taken so long! I've been distracted@_@
16 days ago
And, a question for people who go to public/private schools, is horseback riding something that people might decide to make a club about, or would it be completely outside of school?
16 days ago
Okay, thx.
16 days ago
Uh oh. Hello AddyNick. I just wanted to let you know that my "does he really like you?" test, the one that we've been commenting on, isn't under my name in "my tests" anymore!!! So just to let you know, if you ever want to look for it, go to the homepage "love/relationship quizzes" and search, right about the comments section in the search bar, "the love test to end all love tests". You should find it there. Sorry!
17 days ago
Yeah I like it! I'd call it a series.
17 days ago
17 days ago
Do you like these... IDK what to call them??? A series, with episodes??? Episodes, like a series???
17 days ago
18 days ago
I don't have an iPad, but I managed to write Ep. 3!
19 days ago
Yikes that's never happened to me before 😬 sorry I guess I'm not much help. Maybe try typing up your quiz on another device? Family computer? iPad? Anything? (Honestly I don't have an iPad so if you don't, join the club)
20 days ago
And here's something more important: when I click on somethings it often says, "conform sub remission," or "your search timed out," or "this site can't be reached." I have seriously tried to write episode 3 like 6 TIMES and it keep on saying that--does anyone know how to stop this from happening so often?
20 days ago
But whaT dO PeOple wHo ReAd this tHInk AbOut iT?
21 days ago
Thanks... so maybe I'll make it so it's not 'currently being written' next time? IDK.
22 days ago
I think those comments appearing on the part two have something to do with this part "currently being written". I've seen many series with the same comments many times.
22 days ago
Wait, those comments are in both episode 1 and 2? What??????????
22 days ago
Whoops, I must have misread the title)
22 days ago
How do you like EPISODE TWO?