Am I Nonbinary?

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I created this quiz to hopefully help you discover what your gender identity is, or at least to give a broad overview of gender identity for you to explore yourself! It is by no means the be-all or end-all in gender identity, but I hope you find it helpful.

  • 1
    Are you AFAB (assigned female at birth) AMAB (assigned male at birth) or intersex?
    Are you AFAB (assigned female at birth) AMAB (assigned male at birth) or intersex?
  • 2
    Do you ever experience discomfort being referred to as your assigned sex?
  • 3
    Do you ever experience discomfort with your body? Such as, with your breasts if you have them, or with your genitalia?

  • 4
    Have you ever thought about using different pronouns to refer to yourself other than the ones that go along with your birth sex?
  • 5
    Have you ever told someone online that you were the opposite sex of your birth sex, or that you were nonbinary?
  • 6
    How much have you looked into gender/sexuality online?

  • 7
    Do you identify as gay, bi-, pan-, ace, etc?
  • 8
    Do you feel uncomfortable when wearing articles of clothing designated for your assigned sex? For example, dresses for afab folks, or suits for amab folks?
  • 9
    Why did you take this quiz?
  • 10
    After taking this quiz, which do you think you are?

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2 hours ago
Thank you for this quiz. It is a nice stepping stone to finding out who I am. I make quizzes like this too.
3 hours ago
thank you this is actually really helpful, this is the first time that someone is giving me advice to this kind of thing, i will try to do some research, i really apreciate you giving advice to strangers and you also seem to know a lot about gender identity.
12 hours ago
um.. im sorry, but im not sure if im gonna be able to help? I will try tho "=w=
(I know barley and gender labls, let alone my own gender, just keep that in mind) just so you know, everything that you are talking about that has to do with outward apearence? Thats gender expression, totally diffrent from gender identity. Now, they are still conected, just diffrent things. That ๐Ÿคabout your friends, im sorry. Thats nice that you know your sexuality, i honestly donthave much advide for the coming out thing. Im still working on that myself. Um.. i recoumned you do reserch, for the whole gender identity thing. It helps to know diffrent labels and what they mean. Uh- thats all i got for you? Sorry-

So thats not true, now you can go. Bye-

Now.. um.. imsorry cuz i have been asking questions on here a lot, but i have one more- (sorry)
So um, im trying to figure out my gender, and i think im some form of fluid or flux? Cuz, sometimes i feel mostly like a girl, and sometimes i feel a lot like a boy, but never quite 100%? Like it goes up to 90/95% but no higher. And then sometimes i feel agender, and sometimes i feel like im just non binary. Um.. im trying to reserch labels, but its kinda confuseing, so if you huys have any idea what i might be so i canmabey try reserching that? Um.. i dunno.. sorry for wasteing your time, im a mess-
14 hours ago
i ainโ€™t never seen two pretty bestfriends always one of em gotta be ugly
16 hours ago
Hi! I am 15 and I just took this test and it says that I am enby but I really don't know, I feel a little weird with my ๐Ÿ’‹ and since I was little I always hated feminine clothes, I started to question this year, and sometimes I think I would feel very comfortable with a short haircut, like a mullet or something like those curly brown hair guys. I think I would like to go by they/them but I live in a Spanish-speaking country that does not accept an inclusive language like "elle", I also kinda lost all of friends because last year I started to feel weird and sad,so I would talk to no one and when they asked me to go places, I always said that I did not want to go, so this year we hardly spoke and we only talked about school things. What I want to say about it is who would I come out to, my mom ??? my dad??? people who don't even know what non-binary people are. So yeah, I don't know what to do, I found out I'm bi when I was 12 and I haven't told anyone, now I think it might be non-binary and I still can't tell anyone. well yeah that is my life.
4 days ago
um.. if the person i was talking about sees this, hi? ๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜…
4 days ago
um, so can someone mabey help me with something? I.. i need an answer, but google has not been help ful. So if any of you think you know the answer, mabey you can tell me? Anyways here is the probelm-

I had this internet friend at the begining of october. If was actually on a quiz like this one, were it let you comment and stuff. We had commented to each other a couple times, just talking kinda about gender and trying to give each other advise, and then one night i responed to one of their comments, and then went to sleep. In the morning i checked it around 8 or 9 and there was more comments on the quiz ofc, one of them was them asking if i wanted to be internet friends.. i was a little unsure at first given some things my parents have told me about the internet and trusting people on it, but after about a day i decided yes. And i had told them just that. We friends for about a week. Ibf's. But then they said this..
"@rae thanks for being my ibf these last couple days it has been an honor to be a friend to someone like you even though we had a little misunderstanding we got thru it. i thank you for being here for me and helping me thru from these 4 days thanks so much for the edvice that you have given me and the laghs that i had just know i will allways be your ibf and i will always remember you for you thanks agin

with much love -*their name* ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ–ค"

Obviously it did not say *their name* it said their actual name.
I was really upset, but I didn't say any of that. I just said good luck and thanks and stuff, and, well, pretty simple stuff to what they said. I missed them a lot,, and I still do, but I was able to not think of them so much after a while, like, I would only think of them mabey once a week. But recently I have been thinking about a lot more. Like at least every other day. And a lot today. I dont why, but it hurts.. they were best friend I ever had.. I felt I could talk to them.. and they introduced me to somethings that I didn't want to try before (nothing big, just some music) why does it feel like this?? We only were friends for like a week or 2, yet it felt like forever.. I dont know why I miss them so much.. and why it feels this way..

If any of you have some advice or can help, that would be great.

4 days ago
Dam it- i cant even spell beautieful-
4 days ago
๐ŸŒ  D Y S P H O R I A ๐ŸŒ  is a beatieful thing-

(By the way, its still me, rae, i just changed my name to coda. hope thats okay-)
7 days ago
When the line, "if you know me in real life, no you dont" feels like it canfalt how describe you-
(But seriesly, i feellike no one in real life actually knows me.. just a fake me)
9 days ago
Sorry for any spelling or grammer mistakes
9 days ago
Hi, so um, im gonna tdry to respond to a couple people again and then i have a question i hope you guys can help me with ๐Ÿ˜…

So.. i dont actually know what hyperfeminie and hypermasculine mean, though i do know that clithes dont have gender and you shoukd get to were whatever you want. Binding is fine of course, as long as you do it safly. And your proniuns are your choice. But yet.. your last question is the hardest to respond to.. the honest anser is, it may be. Now that does not mean it is, but i also dont want to lie to you. It most likely is not a phase, especially from what you said, so you probably dont need to worry. But.. i understand it can be scary.. the best thing i can tell you, is that you will always have worrys and fears no matter what they are, you just have to be able to live with them, and try and forget about them. Because, uou are amazing, and valid. Rember that. Have a great day/night!

Im happy to respond, and especially happy to see your responce. Only sometimes people respond- so it feels like i am tlking to no one TvT
Im glad i could help, and that i was actually helpful-
And.. the confuseion may stay for a while, but eventually you will figure it out. And yeah.. it can be scary, but i will be okay. Rember,
"Everything will turn out okay inthe end. If its not okay, then its not the end." -unknown
Um.. i hope that helps. My stepmom told me that quote when my aunt was dyeing a couple of years ago.. it was a hard time in my family, but i still rember that quote.. and it comforts me. Its one of my favorites, and i hope it helps you to. Have a greta day/night!

Okay.. so now that i have finnished the replies (not that i dont enjoy doing them) i have a questioni hope you guys can help with-
Im trying to figure out a name I like.. at first i was gping to fo with Codie, then Rain(hence the nickname rae), but.. even thouth i like that name rain, im not so sure it fits me.. i kinda like the name coda, espically because it has to do with music, andit does not seem like a comen name, and then a nickname could be cod (pronounced the same as code).. but i dunno. Um, what do you all think? Of you have any sugustions that could be helpfulm๐Ÿ˜… i want to find a name that fits me and my personality, so here is a little about me, if it helps-
I love all the arts, especially music and drawing. I love reading, i love nature, and i also like to write. I dont want to say to much about me- So um.... i think thats it? "=w=
Have agood day/night everyone
11 days ago
i don't know what i am, i'm afab, i've had a phase of being hypermasculine and i've had a phase of being hyperfeminine, i felt so much better when i was hyper-masculine tbh, i was more comfortable, i felt more social,etc. but people wouldn't let me wear what i want? i don't like my breasts and would probably prefer to just bind if i could, i want to be able to have short hair, a flat chest and wear whatever i want, formal shirts and pants or a dress with a sweater over it, i'm kinda indifferent with pronouns, i'm pretty okay with all of them. but what if it's a phase?
11 days ago

thank u for responding!! im still figuring things out but hearing another voice helps. ill prolly come back to this test more bc this is actually the second time ive commented here, but thanks for ur input, it helps. im still confused but i hope everything starts to make sense soon. i think id prefer they/them, its just kinda a scary change haha
11 days ago

So.. im gon a try and respond the best i can, hopefully i can help- um, sorry if it just ends up wasteing your time-
Yeah, it can feel like forever, and a lot of us want that to, and its fineto be okay with your name. I was scared it was just a phase or everyonewould yhink im following a trend.. or I really am a narsacist like all the transphobic cishets say.. but, you have to get past that. Im still scared of all those things, but you dont always have to concer a fear.. you just have to learn to be okay with it.
Um so.. from what i understand, no. Hateing your gender and everything feminie about urself, is not a normel cis thing, i think..
Thayes awsome that you were able to get your hajr cut, and you like it so much! Also going bado a little, i cant tell uou 100% yes or no with the mirror and phase things, but from what you have said, i am pretty sure you are not cis.

And, yeah, eleminating genders would be ๐ŸŒป awsome. Gender sucks.

Um.. so im not sure if this was helpful.. but if you have anymore questions, i cam try to help. ( t r y )
12 days ago
help i am DYING i have been questioning my gender for what feels like literally forever. im uncomfortable wearing feminine clothing and being referred to as a female, but i don't necessarily prefer being referred to as male. i hate my chest SO M U C H and i wish i could get a binder but ALAS ๐Ÿ˜” i kin a fictional male character and i wish?? i was him? like i wanna be a skinny, curveless teenage-lookin boy too, man. i hate how feminine i look sjdksjfsd buT the thing is im kinda fine with my name?? like its def a fem name but it doesnt make me uncomfy?????? and a BUNCH of my friends are trans which makes me extra-scared to tell anyone im questioning,,, since i dont want them to think im trying to be like everyone else. and the thing is im scared that is what im doing. like, is this a normal cis thing??? im afab and i hate??? it???? but is it a phase??? like i DESPISE mirrors and my body in general but is that not about the fact i look female and more-so just body-image issues?????? i got my hair cut a while ago and mAN OH MAN it was so amazing im. never growing it out again. uGH i want to be a boY but i also doNT im. ive been thinking about this forever and it has gotten me literally nowhere i just ๐Ÿค ,,,yeehaw
help i need answers iM SO CONfuSEd im too dumb for this i vote to ELIMINATE gender forever. entirely. BYEEEEE its gone now.
12 days ago
Sorry that the message poped up twice, i dont know why it did that lol-
12 days ago
So, if they are non binary then they are your partner not your girlfriend. Im not trying to be rude, just explaining it to you.
Pronouns are useally associated with gender, thats why the quiz asked about them.
Ex: i am non binary and my pronouns are they/them and he/him. I dontlike she/her though because it makes people think they can misgender me.
Does that make sense? Um, i hoped this helped. If you have any questions, just ask.

Um.. so i am not sure how to help with this. If you are demiboy, great for you! But uh, if you are not sure, then mabey try looking at other lables to? Just a sugustion.

Im sorry to hear that, is there anyway i could help??

@i hope u accept me
Well, um, Bee basicly explained Non binary, so i guess i will just explain genderfluid. Genderfluid is when onsome days, weeks, or months,or longer, you may feel like a one gender, but yhen it changes. Um.. im sorry, cuz this probably did help, but i hope it did? Oh and, not call yourself stupid. I bet your very smart! :)

If you feel non binary, then you probably are. You could also try reserching other labels if that helps. I hoped this helped "^^

And to everyone else, if ypu have any questions feel free to ask them!

I will try to answer, but please relize, I am not a professional, all i know is based off of reserch, and i have probelms of my own two. But, i will try to help.

Have a great day/night! Bye :)

- rae
12 days ago
I dunno if i am non~binary but that is how i feel. I am AFAB (female) ut that is not me i guess. Oh dear god, help me.
13 days ago
Non-binary is an umbrella term for many different non binary gender identities such as gender fluid, genderqueer, and so on. But a lot of people, including me, identify as non-binary because none of the identities under non-binary seem to fit, or because itโ€™s easier to explain.