Am I Nonbinary?

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I created this quiz to hopefully help you discover what your gender identity is, or at least to give a broad overview of gender identity for you to explore yourself! It is by no means the be-all or end-all in gender identity, but I hope you find it helpful.

  • 1
    Are you AFAB (assigned female at birth) AMAB (assigned male at birth) or intersex?
    Are you AFAB (assigned female at birth) AMAB (assigned male at birth) or intersex?
  • 2
    Do you ever experience discomfort being referred to as your assigned sex?
  • 3
    Do you ever experience discomfort with your body? Such as, with your breasts if you have them, or with your genitalia?

  • 4
    Have you ever thought about using different pronouns to refer to yourself other than the ones that go along with your birth sex?
  • 5
    Have you ever told someone online that you were the opposite sex of your birth sex, or that you were nonbinary?
  • 6
    How much have you looked into gender/sexuality online?

  • 7
    Do you identify as gay, bi-, pan-, ace, etc?
  • 8
    Do you feel uncomfortable when wearing articles of clothing designated for your assigned sex? For example, dresses for afab folks, or suits for amab folks?
  • 9
    Why did you take this quiz?
  • 10
    After taking this quiz, which do you think you are?

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hey! i'm here writing with my male name. i was born as an AFAB but when i was younger, i never fit as a girl. i felt like a boy for years without knowing it, because i never talked about it. during my firsts years of puberty my body changed a lot and i was so depressed about my breats because they were too big. this year i started to learn how to love myself but i still having those feelings of my sexuality. so, i realized i was a woman and a men when i started to accept my defects. yes, i feel comfortable with skirts and also with ''men's'' trousers (i think clothes has non sex). i like my breasts although they're too huge, but i also love my short hair. i cut it as a men, not a short hair as a woman or shaved as one. and i really feel so good.
3 days ago
Im pretty sure that im a demigirl or maybe even nonbinary. This didnt help at all. Suggested binary trans. I HATE being called a guy unless its a joke, or my a close friend.
3 days ago
To human (97607)'s point - I'm kind of surprised honestly that there aren't any non-gender specific sexuality terms for liking either females or males, or feminine or masculine people. You're either a lesbian, which people presume makes you a girl, or gay, which tends to mean that you're a male attracted to other males/masculine people.

3 days ago
screams in not knowing if I am a boy or an enby
4 days ago
drezz stinkE soot snazzE
4 days ago
drezz stinky soot snazzy
11 days ago
Im 13, Im AFAB but I feel really uncomfortable in dresses and skirts, like if I went to a dance or something I would much rather wear like a suit or something. I always identified as a girl, but recently I've been thinking that I was non-binary. I hate it so much Im also a lesbian but if im non-binary then I can't be a lesbian so Im just really confused right now. I lived in a really small conservative closed minded town, but recently I moved and now I'm much happier where I live now, unfortunately that still doesn't solve my gender and sexuality issue. All I know is that if I am non-binary, and told my parents that they would probably laugh and say "there is only two genders, you will always be my daughter." So idk, :(
12 days ago
Hi there, I see some people saying you must be a woman to be lesbian but no! You can be an enby lesbian there are many of them :)
12 days ago
reading everyone story has me in awe so i’d like to share mine!! i’m 16. I was born AFAB, recently i’ve been questioning it for months. i’ve always liked things wether masculine or feminine. when i was younger i liked mainly girl clothing and toys, i loves pink and if wear dresses and skirt all the time, ever since i turned 13 i didn’t feel the same. now that i’m 16 i wear a mix of boy and girl clothes i feel comfortable in both although as a girl i’ve been told things to wear dresses or tank tops. i don’t mind my body but wearing stuff like that has never made me feel comfortable, i don’t like my top half so i choose to cover it up whenever i get the chance. i don’t think i’m a boy but i don’t think i’m a girl so this whole thing is just throwing me off. i’ve wanted to consider for a while that i might just be non-binary but i don’t want to say unless i’m sure. i keep thinking maybe it’s just because i’m not girly i think this way but i don’t even know the answer to that. i’ve struggled these past months, at one point i broke down because i’ve felt so confused. i use she/her pronouns but i feel comfortable with they/them. everytime someone talks about me they use “she/her” and at times to my self id feel frustrated because it just doesn’t feel right. i feel like now i wouldn't like to be referred to as either a girl or boy. but i don’t know!!!! i still need time to think, and to those who do read this i’m with you, we have all the time to think and pick what makes us comfortable. i hope we can all be comfortable and happy today and in our future
13 days ago
Hi there! I'm 14 right now and currently questioning. When I was young, I've always kind of accepted that since I'm AFAB, I was automatically a girl, woman, etc. Despite this, I've never really had an attachment to femininity or masculinity since it was mostly interchangeable for me. I liked feminine clothes since I found them pretty — and still do — but there were also some masculine things that I really liked. It's not like I'm having issues with my body either aside from things such as weight, and I don't find myself longing for a male body or anything which is why I've been doubting myself until recently. Suddenly though, it just hit me that I might be enby. I've always felt more comfortable being "ambiguous," since I really don't like how my gender could dictate who I am as a person and how I should act just based off of society's view on it. I've decided to experiment lately by just using they / them pronouns online and the littlest things such as my online friends using the correct pronouns for me has made me so happy. I also decided to share this with my irl friends and asked them to use they / them pronouns when referring to me. I simply cannot describe how happy it made me when they accepted me so easily and how they went out of their way to ask if there were any fem/masc names I was uncomfortable with. I actually started crying right then and there. Anyways, for now, I'm still questioning and am in no rush to put a label on myself yet. I hope you are as well if you're also questioning. Know that there are hundreds of people out there who will accept you for who you are no matter what. Take your time and remember that you're figuring things out for yourself and yourself only. Stay strong. ♡
13 days ago
I really appreciated others sharing their stories below so... here’s mine.

I’m 16 and quite like the others who have shared their stories I’m non-conforming with assigned gender roles and expectations and generally feel discomfort with one’s post-puberty body.

As an AMAB kid I never wanted to be or be perceived as female. In fact I cut my hair short partly for that reason. But even as a kid I actively rejected anything “boyish”. I had a disdain for the phrase “boys will be boys” and went out of my way not to be perceived as your regular boy.

Later on I figured out that I was gay and my gender identity was reinforced by that sexual orientation, since I’m attracted to other males I must be fine with my own male body.

And then puberty happened and I hated everything about my body—every hair that sprouted from my pores. I wanted to shave and did shave immediately; first my armpits, then my legs, then my crouch, then butt, then navel etc. I wanted my hairless smooth seal of a body back. But of course hair doesn’t stay gone after you shave, so due to some periods of pure laziness I learned to mostly ignore it. And ignoring it is not necessarily something that dysphoria allows one to do, but I just set it aside a much as I could. Shaving however is something that brings me such happiness, to see my body without all that wiry white noise.

But body hair is kind of only the beginning. I recently discovered enby people who micro-dose on hormones. And that felt such an epiphanous moment. Especially reading the experience of an AMAB enby whose slight changes in their body has improved their self-image.

Writing this it’s pretty obvious that I’m non-binary, though I still doubt myself often. I think it’s partly do to seeing my male body in the mirror everyday and getting really good at suppressing the dysphoria.

So to anyone reading this, I ask for you to be patient with yourself. It’s difficult to break away from the only image society has shown to you. Take time to self reflect—or take action by trying new pronouns online or drawing self portraits playing with masculinity, femininity, and/or androgyny.
14 days ago
No. You have to be a woman to be a lesbian. Being a woman is a huge part of lesbianism.
14 days ago
So I’ve taken this test about 100 times and always gotten enby but I used to identify as lesbian and I still only like girls but can they like me back?? (Lesbian girls not pan girls) same with bi girls I’m really confused and I like being referred to as they/them but sometimes I feel really feminine or masculine or both or neither but not like actuall genders just Masc etc. but it’s just really confusing and frustrating

Someone please help me
Is there such thing as an enby lesbian???
15 days ago
hi everyone, i just took this test and i think i just has a moment that was like the “am i gay” tests that i took when i was 12 lol (news flash, i am).

i‘m 17 and AFAB. i’ve never been comfortable with my body after puberty and i’ve always preferred casually male/non-gendered terms (guy/man/dude), but recently ive found myself fantasizing about having a masculine chest and fewer curves. my friends are generally accepting but i don’t want to throw “call me a “they” now please” at them randomly. i feel stuck, but i feel like now that i’m properly researching the topics relating to my feelings that i’m coming into my own.

i’m not sure if i’m ready to socially transition yet, but i feel good about introducing myself as someone on the NB spectrum when I go to college.

and to anyone reading this who’s going through the same process, hold onto those feelings. your emotions are real and it’s ok to question yourself, even if you have assigned a label to yourself already (i personally identify with “lesbian”). think on your emotions and if you think that you need to transition, go to a LGBT-educated friend and ask them to try out terms that you feel comfortable with. thank you.
15 days ago
hey there void. i'm 17, turning 18 soon and afab. i guess i never really associated myself as a traditional 'girl' since i liked to take on more traditionally 'masculine' roles in the family. as a kid i never really thought about it, but there was always this nagging feeling of wanting to be perceived as more masculine than i am so i tried a lot to emulate that but it had a lot of effects that lead to a lot of mental taxation. over the years i accepted my feminine side (though i still struggle with that) but still find some disconnect with it. recently i've tried to use 'they/them' pronouns with some of my social media (w/o knowledge of my irl peers) and it's been both overwhelming and liberating that a slight change in the way people address me sends happiness into my heart. i like the label 'nonbinary' but there's still this anxiety that there is this criteria or qualification of who can claim it.

so, here's to kon, somewhere along the future. if you see this buddy, i hope you're happy where you are rn and you figured things out. and if you didn't then it's cool too.

and to you, who stumbled into this comment, i hope you have a great day, friend. take care
16 days ago
hi! i see some people sharing their stories so i wanted to share mine as well :))

ok so i am almost turing 14 and i am questioning my gender atm. ever since i was a kid, i knew i was a female (i was born as a female btw-). i wore pink all the time, dresses, skirts, etc. when i was like, 10-11, my love for dresses and girly stuff started to change, but i knew i wasn't a tomboy cause i still dressed mildy in between girly-tomboy. right now, i am kind of a mix of the two BUT this friday (24 of july) i was normal until a thought came across my head:
"what if i am a boy?"
and that stuck with me, well, until today. and since i overthink everything, i immediatly went to the net to do tests and stuff and my thought changes everyday.
now, heres the thing. i don't wanna change myself. i want to be a female and don't want to change gender. i want to be a female for the rest of my life and i want these thoughts to go away ... i havent told this to anyone but ye :// im so confused but i want my thoughts to think that im a female again
17 days ago
someone, your story is nice to see! I always knew I wasn't female, but wasn't male, and I realised that actually I was both, bigender. I am on the autistic spectrum AND have adhd!! I get dysphoria for my chest only, which is weird lol.
17 days ago
i kinda want to share my story so here i go haha!
im 14 turning 15 soon, but i knew i wasnt a girl when i was 10. i didnt like girly clothes( obviously not what being n-b is abt but still) i new i wasnt a girl, and i knew i wasnt a boy either. ive always wanted to be a boy, or look more like one. ive always had that voice in my head tw/ dysmorphia saying "u arent good enough, u should change etc" i have adhd (maybe autism) and ive made so many weird genders and personalities in my life that im finally realizing what being genderless is about. my pronouns are they/he and im proud to be non-binary:)
18 days ago
i took this for fun last year.

yeah i’m non binary
18 days ago
Hi, I speak Spanish, so I'm sorry for my bad grammar. I am 15 years old and I think I am a non-binary person, but I am here to leave my experience. I never knew before what it means to be trans, in my country transgender people have always been💗d and mistreated, they rarely saw themselves on television and were treated as transvestites or men dressed as women. When I was 11 I remember that I used to say "I wish I were a man", "in my next life I will be a man", "if I were a man it would be great", etc. At that time my parents gave me my first cell phone and then I investigated if it was normal, I came to believe that I was a trans boy, but those thoughts did not last long. I was afraid that they would kill me for being trans, I thought I had those thoughts because I hated me and I have to love myself as I am, so I discovered two trans youtubers who changed my way of thinking and made me feel supported, one of them is a trans girl no binary and when I found out about it I was like this: ????? I didn't know that something like this could exist. I searched the internet more until I found this beautiful community of non-binary people, and for the first time in my life I felt happy and aware of who I am and who I want to be, what I want to do. What I want to get at with all this is that analyzing my old thoughts, I realize that I was always afraid. Fear of rejection. Fear that my parents will hit me. Fear that my sister will laugh at me. Fear that at my school they would make fun of me or continue treating me as a woman. Fear of MY TEACHERS (they were always my second home, my other family), fear of losing my few friends, I have not yet come out of the closet because I want to be totally sure of my decision, but I think it will not change anymore. I want you to know that there is no age too early to come out of the closet, and no age too late to do so. I want to wait until I am 16/17 years old to tell my sister first and then my parents at 18, but I do this because I think that if I go out before the closet and 'change my mind later' they will not take me seriously, but I want you to know this: we are HUMANS, we always evolve, we have the right to change and evolve, think about your self from five years ago, you are not the same, are you? I want you to know that it is OK to WRONG, we do not have everything defined in this life. Nobody is perfect, when you feel that nobody values ​​you and you think you are useless, I want you to know that I, from my country, want you to live to feel supported, I want you to live so that many other people hear your story. You're not alone. We are NOT going to 💗 and we are NOT going to be silent because we are uncomfortable. WE EXIST, OUR HISTORY CAN SERVE TRANS CHILDREN, OTHER WARRIORS WHO ARE GOING TO SPEND THE SAME AS YOU AND ME. WE DESERVE TO LIVE. I want to live, I want them to recognize my gender identity, I want to live with respect, I want to be happy. YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. And it does not matter if you are 12 and in a year you change your mind, I would say that you think about it a lot, that you look for people telling experiences and more than anything SUPPORT from the trans community. Because we exist, we have always existed and we will continue to exist.