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Twelve-Year-Old-Artists: Brushes and Canvases (Book Two)

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And here's book two! It's not about Nora, it's about someone else, though.
And SHE likes to paint!
(So do I... but I'm not that good. At all)

In the back of my mind, I could tell Miss Daisy was correcting Jasmine's painting technique again. But I was focused on the canvas in front of me, and what I was doing with my brushes. I was in sixth period art class, my favorite class of all time, and we were painting fruit today. Fruit wasn't my favorite thing to paint, but really, everything that involved paint was my favorite thing.
I know those contradict each other.
I don't care.
I was lost, completely lost in the grapevine I was drawing. So lost I didn't hear the bell, but I did hear Jasmine's unnecessarily loud,"The bell's ringing, Gia!" Several kids snickered, but I had learned not to mind them after several years of this. I hadn't finished, though... and I couldn't bear the thought of leaving an unfinished painting here.
"Miss Daisy?" I asked. She turned from examining the other kid's paintings.
"Yes?" She replied, "have you finished?" She knew me well; she knew I hated leaving unfinished paintings behind, although I usually finished right on time.
"No, so can I please take my painting home to finish it?"
"Well... it's not too wet, is it?" I gently touched my fingers to the canvas.
"Sure," I grabbed the painting and took it out to wait for Mom to pick me up. Soon I was at home, finishing my painting quickly, then taking my time with homework. I ate my dinner in near silence, as Mom had learned that I would only open up about my day sometimes, and my dad had died four years ago.Then I went to my bed and started sketching in my notebook, like always.
Soon I was almost asleep... but then, at nine thirty exactly, I heard a soft noise--it sounded like a crude imitation of a rooster. My eyes fluttered open, and I had the vague thought that I should investigate... but I was so tired.
I fell asleep, wondering about that imitation.

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3 days ago
So I'd like to make a stand alone fan fiction that's different from my other fan fictions so I'm going to ask people if there's some sort of genre or something you'd like to see in it. Also, it's probably going to be longer than my usual fanfics
5 days ago
#TheGlisteningPizza You mentioned homeschool centers, are you homeschooled?
I am!
9 days ago
Hidden Talents Book 3 can be found in the "more from AddyNick button!
11 days ago
14 days ago
Fellow Earthling, that's really cool! It was just cool to win the cover since it would be the cover of fifteen other of our homeschool centers AROUND THE GLOBE! So really it was an international contest and I won!
15 days ago
I meant series. This (series) is several stories
15 days ago
Fellow Earthling, that's pretty cool! I will probably have a person who sings some point in this story
16 days ago

We got a yearbook and we all had to design a cover! I didn't win but my bff did!
16 days ago
This is a really good story
16 days ago
Singing is art!

I'm 12 in 5 months!
17 days ago
And I'm 12 too, that's why I chose for the people to be 12. And I like art, but there's not one specific type of it that I'm good at
17 days ago
Lol! Also, I think I accidentally bumped the like button!!! NOT ON PURPOSE! Oh, and if you think of any kinds of art that you'd like to see in this series, plz tell me! I keep on putting exclamation points down??!!!!!!????!!!!!!!!!
17 days ago
Great! You can refer to me as a 12 year old artist actually. I'm twelve and I have an artistic talent. I'm not overreacting. I actually am known throughout my entire academy for my artistic talent. Like, the principal knows. So a bunch of people ask me to draw stuff for them IT'S ANNOYING! 😂 Also this year I won our academy's yearbook's cover design! So I've also done that...
18 days ago
This series has the same comments. So what do you think of BOTH the books?
18 days ago
What do you think of book 2?