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Hi! I’m cevil and I have done some fan fictions on Warrior Cats, but today I am doing a true or false quiz, with personalities listed at the end. I hope
You enjoy!

  • 1
    Squirrelflight has a sister, a mate and a step brother?
  • 2
    Firestar is the leader of thunderclan, the killer of scourge and Tigerstar, and the mate of sandstorm, a lovely kitty pet who became a clan cat.
  • 3
    Leafpool has a sister, two brothers and a mate in another clan.

  • 4
    Brambleclaw -no! Bramblestar!
  • 5
    Tigerstar was Tigerclaw, Blackstar was Blackfoot, and Rowanstar was rowanclaw?
  • 6
    Hollyleaf had two brothers and a step sister.

  • 7
    Feathtail, crowfeather, stormpelt, snowtuft And Firestar all journeyed to the sun drown place.
  • 8
    All three of these are prophecy’s;
    Blood will spill blood and the lake will run red.
    There will be three, three of your kin, who will hold the power of the stars in their paws.
    Fire alone will save the clan.
  • 9
    The first book, into the wild has exactly 302 listed pages
  • 10
    Skyclan was brought back to the clans, now by the lake, in shattered sky, book three of vision of a shadows?

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