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What Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid are you?

17.01 % of users had this result: Miss kobayashi you are Miss Kobayashi. your pretty chill and nice allot of the time. but even just a few drinks of alcohol can turn you into the hilarious, kind of rude, the Kobayashi we all know

7.48 % of users had this result: Tohru you are Tohru. the cute little quirky dragon maid we all know and love. you can be protective of loved ones, and scared of being judged, but we all still love your quirky adorable personality,

12.93 % of users had this result: Lucoa you are Lucoa. your calm, rational, gossipy, mysterious, nd some would say satanic. you have a cool calm personality and can be known as a bit of a klutz.

51.36 % of users had this result: Kanna you are Kanna. the cute adorable girl that we all love, your a bit mysterious, playful, and have quite a funny character as your very blunt sometimes, but you still have a cute little soft side for family and friends

11.22 % of users had this result: You are Fafnir you are Fafnir, the hilariously scary character that loves gaming, you used to love destructing souls and castles, but on earth, with the technology you love the same thing but threw games. you are a good hilarious character and a good butler