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Warrior Cats: Rising sun #1

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Hi I’m cevil and this is my third warriors fan fiction. It is the first in a series I am writing, so I hope you enjoy!


    Tigerstar opened his amber eyes, his pelt shimmering slightly before focusing.He pushed on the stone beneath his paw, and found it solid. He was still real.Carefully, so that he would not disturb any of the loose rocks around him, he rose to his paws.
    “Hello!” He called, his voice echoing along the tunnel. “Hello!”
    “Tigerstar.” The voice of a she cat sounded from behind him, and he spun around.” Tigerstar” It repeated.
    “Mapl-Mapleshade?” Tigerstar was astounded. “Mapleshade is that actually you?”
    “Yes, Tigerstar it is me. Hawk frost is waiting for you, as is Brokenstar, thistleclaw, willowwater and her father, Bloodwhisker.”
    “Who in the name of the dark forest is willowwater? And who is Bloodwhisker?”
    “All in time Tigerstar, all in time.” She turned and lead the way through the tunnel, to a faint light at the end.
    “But where are we? There is no place after starclan, or the dark forest.”
    “Oh, But there is, And here is a better place.You never fade away. Only wounds can kill you, or hunger, or dehydration. But the cats here respect us, and hunt for the most powerful. The weak are killed or tortured till there is nothing left, not even a memory.”
    Tigerstar couldn’t help shivering with delight. That was better than anything that had ever happened before! “ Show me.” He replied.

    “Alderheart, Cherrywhiskers, Rainpaw, you will accompany me to the moon pool, to receive my lives from starclan, alright?”
    Briarleaf yowled, through the thunderous roar of the rain. “We leave now!”
    Rainpaw sniffed, the cold wind was buffeting her fur, even from inside the hollow. “Ok, Briarleaf!” She called, although she was beardy heard through the rain. The four cats splashed out of camp, their pelts soaked and their paws plastered with mud.
    “Why did you need all of us to come, again?” Alderheart asked, dragging his paws from a patch of brambles.”You could have just brought Apples with you, instead. “
    “Alderheart I respect that you are older than me, but that does not mean you can boss me around. I am the new leader of thunderclan, an dyou know it. Apples has only just joined our clan, and she is nearly a medicine cat apprentice yet! That is why I need you to come with me.cherrywhiskers and Rainpaw have to come too, Rainpaw has had a vision and cherrywhiskers is her mentor. It only makes sense, Alderheart.”

    Alderheart slumped next to Rainpaw, his wet fur spiking out in all directions. “Night.” He mumbled.
    “Goodnight, Alderheart.” She meowed back, licking his ear gently. “Goodnight.”

    So, Tigerstar thoughtcrimes was the way to you come over and see what your mother was like her

    Kubrick was a great night

    You can get your own car.

    You can get your own car to do a little job.

    You can get your paws and go back and try again.

    (Sorry it ha sheen glitching so I couldn’t type anything, only tap on the words that came up.sorry)

    You have to go to get.

    It works again now, but it’s a little pointless so sorry, that’s it for now!

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