Do You Know Any Grammar?

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This is not going to be that hard, probably. I decided to write this because...
grammar. Do YOU know anything about it?

  • 1
    What do most correct sentences need to be correct sentences?
  • 2
    What is a run-on?
  • 3
    What's a sentence fragment missing?

  • 4
    What's a comma splice?
  • 5
    Where do commas often go:
  • 6
    Which is something you use semicolons for?

  • 7
    Is this a run-on or a fragment?
    Hi Gia what are you doing today?
  • 8
    Speaking of correct sentences, that sentence was missing something. What was it?
  • 9
    Are these sentences correct?
    "What are you doing today." I asked
    "Nothing. Nothing at all." Haley replied
  • 10
    I love chocolate SO much, I drizzle it over almost everything!

  • 11
    Diana doesn't like me but I like her I wished she liked me!
  • 12
    "I wish you liked me, you don't, why don't you?"
  • 13
    AGain. Sentences.
    I really wanted. To leave, so I asked Keighley,
    "Is there a way out of here please tell me there is!"
    "Sorry Zoe, no," she replied.
  • 14
    "I really. Would like to. Go there, Mom!"
  • 15
    Almost done! This quiz is looooong: O
    I wouldn't want to go there; its so dangerous
    What does this sentence need?
  • 16
    "This is my life. Sometimes it's lovely; sometimes I hate it. But all in all? It's wonderful."

  • 17
    The log.
  • 18
    One more sentence!
    "Hi; Sally. What's up?" Luke asked.
    "Oh, my sister is yelling again," she replied.

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225 days ago
258 days ago
Nice quiz, AddyNick! I am twelve, an I got 15/18 right.
287 days ago
12 of 18? Pretty good. This is a runon sentence it's when you use no punctuation. This. Fragment.
354 days ago
It's like a bunch (ok, maybe not a BUNCH) Of people left for most of the time, and now people are rarely commenting:-(
Or maybe I check on here too much
363 days ago
Yay! I know grammar!
364 days ago
"Sophie and I got ice cream, mom!"
Because you don't say "me for ice cream." You say "I got ice cream"
365 days ago
Yay I know grammar! Also:
Which one is correct?
"Me and Sophie got ice cream, mom!"
"Sophie and I got ice cream, mom!"