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Warriors-Honeyfern's Discovery Part 1

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Honeyfern is an OC I made, she is a medicine cat. This is a while after Bramblestar's leadership, and Honeyfern is apprenticed to Aloewhisker, the current Thunderclan medicine cat. Since this is many many moons after Bramblestar's leadership, the herbs of healing remained the same until Honeyfern finds a new herb. This will be a few parts, this is only part 1.

"Go get the Alder bark from my den please. Hurry up, Rainmoss is not looking his best." Aloewhisker mewed.
"Yes!" Honeypaw raced to the medicine cat's den. "Alder bark, alder bark, alder bark. There!" Honeypaw scooped up the herb in her mouth and raced back to Aloewhisker in the elder's den. Honeyfern dropped the herb.
"Ugh! Finally the little apprentice is here! You took ages! Ow! That tooth is bothering me so badly."
"Eat up, Rainmoss, it's here now." Aloewhisker told the elder.
"That was... Discusting. If it helps, it'll be worth it." Rainmoss mutters, glaring at Honeypaw.
"Come on, we need to organize the herbs." Aloewhisker started out of the elder's den. As they shuffled out of the den Swiftstar was on the high rock, looking down over Thunderclan's camp. "Honeypaw! I said let's go!"
Before Honeypaw could answer, Swiftstar started to speak. "May all cats in Thunderclan gather under the high rock for a clan meeting!" he paused for a minute, to let the cats gather. "As you all know, are latest battle, took the life of our deputy, Briarash. We all mourn him and-" The rest of his words were a blur to Honeypaw, as she noticed from the corner of her eye, Aloewhisker hurry into the den. Honeypaw knew why Aloewhisker was upset. Briarash was the only sibling Aloewhisker had left, until he died. Aloewhisker had the closet relationship any siblings had. Aloewhisker almost died as a kit, almost falling from a cliff, when the kits had snuck out of camp. Briarash had invited a Windclan kit, Flamekit, who was his best friend, when Flamekit and Aloewhisker were both hanging on a cliff for dear life. Her brother saw them and could only save one. He decided to save Aloekit, by getting her tiny paw in his mouth, dragging her up. The two sadly watched Flamekit fall to his death. Aloewhisker's other siblings stayed in camp, unaware of the event.
Honeypaw raced after her mentor "Aloewhisker!"

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I also write warrior cat fan fictions and this one is great! A few spelling mistakes but me all make mistakes so it’s fine! Great work , well done!
270 days ago
Ump weeeeird so weeeeird
351 days ago
This is a good story but there are some typos.