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These are fictional, which will soon be obvious

Finn: What are you doing today?
Me: Nothing much.
Finn: Oh come ON. You're always doing SOMETHING!
Me: I am regretting some things.
Finn: You're ALWAYS regretting something or other. *sighs*
Me: At least it is something.
Finn: Why are you being so... formal?
Me: Perhaps I am formal today. Or perhaps you are imagining this whole conversation.
Finn: *smacks head*
Me: Well, maybe I'M the one imagining this conversation, and you are a figment of my imagination.
Finn: Bree! Are you a figment of her--*points to Me*--imagination?
Bree: Pinch yourself!
Me: *punches Finn*
Finn: *is out cold, groans*
Bree: Or you could do that, too, I suppose.
Kayley: *wakes up* That was a strange dream.
Nikki: What if it WASN'T a dream? What if, somewhere, your dream actually HAPPENED and you saw it in your dream.
Kayley: Don't be ridiculous, Nikki.
Nikki: I will be the first person to go to... to... whatever it's called!
Kayley: I doubt that.
Nikki: *smacks head* You always doubt me.

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7 days ago
Yeah, I read a book with school and romance and it was AMAZING! I forgot the name of it tho...
9 days ago
I read a book that has school! But it doesn't have any deaths or romance in it
9 days ago
I like stories with SCHOOL, romance, and sometimes a death when necessary...
12 days ago
I don't think I read that 1. But I read a bunch of other ones. A lot of them are veeeery similar--there's a bunch that have evil stepmothers. And one was rlly weird. Maybe I'll look 4 that one the next time I find the book
12 days ago
My favourite one is the sleeping beauty one
21 days ago
They were originally intended 4 adults, but when kids read them more, they revised the fairy tales to have LESS violent/gruesome endings. Something like that
25 days ago
They almost all end in death. Or marriage. Or both, thinking about it. In one, everybody died. Except for 1 person. Yeah, they're not what you'd call PG
26 days ago
Grims fairytales?! Woah they're not PG at all
28 days ago
For me. I might like them when I get older
28 days ago
Yeah, horror is totally not for me. And romantic books are gross right now.
29 days ago
And I know this is my 3rd message in a row, but I don't read romance either. Which makes sense, since pple my age I don't think usually read romance
29 days ago
And I don't read horror cuz their is a 0% chance it wouldn't completely creep me out. However, books that are only a LITTLE bit creepy and for my age, are good. Although I've only read 2--Nightbooks and The Strangers (It might have just been called Strangers)
29 days ago
I don't think that's all. There's also contemporary (although the 1st 3 TYOA were pretty much contemporary) and romance. I like a wide variety too, although I only have like, three nonfiction books and no poetry (although I like poetry. I just don't read it that much, except for on here :))
I like fantasy/action/adventure most, though. This is a long comment. And I'm making it even longer!
30 days ago
Is that all the categories? Well I guess I like all the books. Except for just plain horror ones.
30 days ago
I like classics, adventure, mystery, sad, fantasy, nonfiction, oh, and your stories like TYOA. Plus historical fiction. And poems.
38 days ago
I was just curious! (Or is the ok about my random other comments and past-ings?)
I like mysteries too, but most of the ones I read don't have enough danger in them--I like stories with danger :) and the only sad stories I've ever read are Grimm brother's fairy tales. Most involve death. Or marriage. Or both. Yeah, both is more common. This is a long comment. Bye
39 days ago
Um okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...
I like sad stories and mystery stories...
39 days ago
I brushed my teeth last night 2. Unless it was morning 4 u and it's evening now! :) I think I accidentally copied something!
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Oh, I can still paste that?? Huh. What kind of stories do u like? (Anyone can answer. It's a question for anyone!)
40 days ago
Hi I'm bored. I'm brushing my teeth
46 days ago