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TYOA: Kirsten And Casey

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It's book five! This is the closest time I've made two of these books together! And Casey is going to show up!

"Kirsten, help me cook dinner," Frederick bossed. I rolled my eyes.
"SURE, Frederick. What am I doing?" I replied.
"The baked potatoes," he replied. I grabbed the potatoes and dumped them into the sink, then grabbed one and began furiously scrubbing it. Why did Mom and Dad always let Frederick order me around? He didn't order VICKI around, and she was almost the same age as me. Come to think of it, Vicki ALSO ordered me around, she was just subtler about it. Sure, I couldn't help in the garden because if I stayed outside to long my grass allergy kicked in. Sure, I had so many allergies it often seemed my family thought I was a burden. Sure, there was plenty I couldn't do. But what about what I COULD do? Why couldn't they just appreciate me for that, instead of demanding, "Kirsten, help out with cleaning more," when I WAS cleaning, or "help cook more," when I WAS, or just ANYTHING. SERIOUSLY, guys.
"You're not attacking the potatoes, Kirsten," Frederick berated.
"I wish you would stop talking to me," I muttered under my breath. Nonetheless, I eased up a bit, in case of further scoldings.
Soon we were sitting at the table, forks at the ready.
"Thanks, Frederick, for these lovely potatoes," Mom said, as if she hadn't had baked potatoes for dinner a thousand times.
Yeah, you don't thank ME, of course, I thought, you just thank Frederick, who only cooked bacon.
"May I be excused?" I asked.
"You haven't eaten your--oh, you did. How'd you eat it that fast?" Vicki said.
"My secret," I teased, sliding out of my seat and exiting. Audios, and hola to my secret hiding space. My secret hiding place was a secret passage in the main closet I'd found a few years ago. I slept with Vicki, so this was the only private space I had.
Oh, look, there are my pencils and paper...

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4 days ago
Thx! I'm homeschool tooooooooo and most series here have the same comments, maybe all
5 days ago
How does this have the same comments as no.1
5 days ago
I like it. Sometimes I have to rewrite ny books.... I had to write the minecraft one five times! I'm homeschool. I write books without plans and am almost ready to publish one.
13 days ago
Yeah, I’ve read book 4 already, nice and thanks for commenting on mine too:)
17 days ago
Thx and sure NHYT! (Although I've long since written book 4:) I think in the next book/part/whatever-u-want-to-call-it I'm going 2 make a chase better. Well, more exciting and not a repeat of like, three other chases... am I just rambling? Bye!
17 days ago
Check out The Alchemy chapter 2! Thanks!!!!
49 days ago
I just wrote book 4, and now I'm pretty sure that my best work is done WITHOUT a plan! Also, I'd like to know which book is you guys's favorite (Yes, "guys's" is not a word. Yes, I'm using it anyway)
52 days ago
I'll make book 4 soon... probably once I don't have a cold anymore, so a few days...
62 days ago
So I'd like to make a stand alone fan fiction that's different from my other fan fictions so I'm going to ask people if there's some sort of genre or something you'd like to see in it. Also, it's probably going to be longer than my usual fanfics
63 days ago
#TheGlisteningPizza You mentioned homeschool centers, are you homeschooled?
I am!
68 days ago
Hidden Talents Book 3 can be found in the "more from AddyNick button!
70 days ago
73 days ago
Fellow Earthling, that's really cool! It was just cool to win the cover since it would be the cover of fifteen other of our homeschool centers AROUND THE GLOBE! So really it was an international contest and I won!
74 days ago
I meant series. This (series) is several stories
74 days ago
Fellow Earthling, that's pretty cool! I will probably have a person who sings some point in this story
74 days ago

We got a yearbook and we all had to design a cover! I didn't win but my bff did!
74 days ago
This is a really good story
74 days ago
Singing is art!

I'm 12 in 5 months!
76 days ago
And I'm 12 too, that's why I chose for the people to be 12. And I like art, but there's not one specific type of it that I'm good at
76 days ago
Lol! Also, I think I accidentally bumped the like button!!! NOT ON PURPOSE! Oh, and if you think of any kinds of art that you'd like to see in this series, plz tell me! I keep on putting exclamation points down??!!!!!!????!!!!!!!!!