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  • 1
    A boy approaches you and says hi. Do you greet him back?
  • 2
    (If you smiled or greeted, press no if you didn't) He smiles and asks you for some help, he is new in school. Do you help him?
  • 3
    You lead him to class which is the same class. Do you let him sit next to you?

  • 4
    He nods in appreciation (Or if you said no, sits in the floor in the back of the class, alone) and sits next to you. After class he asks you to be his guide.
  • 5
    He thanks you and walks along side you(Unless you said no) and you lead him to the library. Do you start developing feelings for this boy?
  • 6
    He tells you his name is Alex and you tell him yours. He asks if you want to be friends.

  • 7
    You become good friends (Unless you chose no) and soon he starts becoming protective. Do you enjoy this?
  • 8
    You realize he is being abused. What do you do?
  • 9
    He agrees to stay with you and get help (Unless you chose not my problem) and soon he asks you out. What do you say?
  • 10
    The date goes successfully (Unless you said no) and you become a couple. He leans in. Do you kiss him?

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847 days ago
Ok... The thing is that I am used to being catcalled and stuff so no, I will not answer if you just approach me like that. Sorry.
882 days ago
This quiz was okay tho