Warrior Cats ( names )

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Hi I’m cevil and this is a test to see how well you know the thunderclan cat names. I hope you enjoy it!

  • 1

    Fire—. (The first book fire —)
  • 2

    Thunderclan was made by Thunder —— .
  • 3
    Snowwhisker was called ———— when he was Carrie doff by a hawk.

  • 4
    (The previous question answer was snowkit, I made up snowwhisker!)

    Rain —- flower .
  • 5
    Firestars closest relatives are...
  • 6
    Leafpool is in love with a cat:
    His name begins with a black bird.
    His suffix is his crushes prefix.

  • 7
    Squirrelflight is in love with a cat:
    He is a leader.
    He had the same suffix as his dad.
    His prefix is like thornclaw’s, but now thornclaws.
  • 8
    Firestars sisters kit is white, his mate and him had kits, their kits had kits, called?
  • 9
    Firestar has a crush called
  • 10
    Firestar is overrated.

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