The Ultimate.....TOMBOY TEST!

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The Ultimate.....TOMBOY TEST!
Discover the TRUTH! Are you a "TOTAL TOMBOY", a "ABSOLUTE GIRLY GIRL", or perhaps somewhere in between? Find out now!

  • 1
    Would you rather
  • 2
    Would you rather do ballet or kickboxing? (If you do one, please select it.)
  • 3
    What are you wearing right now?

  • 4
    Are you stronger than most kids in your class?
  • 5
    Do people mistake you for a boy?
  • 6
    Do you like going to the mall?

  • 7
    Your granny buys you a new watch, what style do you pick?
  • 8
    Do you have a lot of pets?
  • 9
    How long is your hair?
  • 10
    Your pal says: wow, you really look like a boy. what do you say back?

Comments (73)


6 days ago
this test really helped me know if i am a tomboy.
9 days ago
the tests are cool but let's be honest here tests are only so accurate to a degree. I'm a tomboy and this test said I was so at least it got that right
16 days ago
This is rigged
I say I’m a tomboy
My parents do
My friends do
My bf does
My brother does
Yet it said I’m 💝 IN BETWEEN
22 days ago
I am perfect! All my servants say so.
24 days ago
thats true nobody can be perfect or brag or be mean
24 days ago
and no ones perfect its impossible
24 days ago
Liar nobody should be mean or brag and I'm a tomboy
33 days ago
And yes, I'm perfect and everyone should be like me.
33 days ago
Here is my result:
You are the ultimate girly girl!
You love makeup and dresses a lot as well as romance. You are so girly. You are a total princess and probably are a good actress too. You love all things to do with hair etc. You are amazing and popular. 5 stars for being a lady! You are also a bit of a diva maybe. You LOVE pink, glitter, bffs and all that stuff, (not forgetting spa days) and you are the opposite those sporty, rough and tough tomboys. You are great!...... really great! All girls should be like you and me! 100% GIRLY DIVA! Pretty Pretty please comment as I really want to know what people think of my quizzes.

I can't say it's inaccurate.
43 days ago
Ummm.... Why can’t there just be simple “no” as an answer???
45 days ago
Um ok..... .
76 days ago
Cool 😎 xD yall might remember that from well, nowhere
84 days ago
I think the quiz is good I got I am kinda of a tomboy kinda girly witch is what I thought it would come up with and I am ok with that
90 days ago
Im 85-90% tomboy.
106 days ago
The results I got described me perfectly
This is what I got;
You are a .... TOMBOY!
You are boyish and fun! You like nasty jokes and getting dirty as well as boxing and video games and are cool! You rarely wear dresses and like blue and pants! You love to get dirty and are sorta one of the boys yourself. you are not fond of pink and will run for your life from makeup of any sort! You are 70-90% tomboy! You also probably don't have the best manners in the world.
106 days ago
Rude!!!! This quiz didn’t have enough questions. These ppl don’t know me at all! I’m a tomboy but I have my girly parts. What do you you mean by DONT call yourself a tomboy?!?! I don’t like this at all
Here are my results:
You are coming close to the tomboy end of normal.
You are a bit of a tomboy sometimes but still have nice manners and wear dresses. You probably like blue and sports enough and your usual hair-do is a pony tail but are still not considered to be a actual tomboy, you just have some of the traits. you also have the odd spa day and have probably read 1 or 2 girly books. You can certainly play video games and get dirty but also do your nails and hair and even wear a little makeup on occasion if you mom tells you to. You are 50-65% tomboyish. Just DON'T call yourself a tomboy.... cause wannabe tomboys are the worst.
Just rude!! ):(
110 days ago
My test results describe me perfectly! I enjoy sports ,have medium long hair ,love shopping and read lots of different genres of books,I am half tomboy and half girly girl
111 days ago
i dont wear makeup and i dont do my nail what((navy) never i would never ever wear nail polish
113 days ago
i was a tomboyishy girl
113 days ago
this quiz is really accurate it got me perfectly right and thanks for the great quiz :) :) :) :) :) :)