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The Alchemy

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This is Chapter 3 where you will find out Carson's plan...

    Chapter 3-- Carson's Plan

    Carson placed the envelope into the cabinet and then headed to her bedroom to sleep. Staring at the ceiling and then the clock, Carson wondered if her plan would work. Carson sets her alarm clock and then slept fitfully.

    The following day, Carson took the initiative to prepare breakfast for her Dad and herself and she placed the cutlery neatly at the side of her table. Her dad strolled out of the room and unlocked the door.

    " Dad, eat the breakfast I've prepared first, I've got somethin' to discuss with you," Carson called out to her Dad.

    " I've something to discuss with you," Carson continued. Dad sighs and he took a bite of the sandwich.

    " Carson, I've also got something to tell you," Dad replied.

    " Go ahead, anything, you start first," Carson said.

    Dad pulls his old -tattered tie like we he was going to do some serious business and then he let's out a sigh again.

    " Carson, I know you love school and is always motivated and driven in studies, you love friends there too. But the thing is you'll have to stop that daily lifestyle and stay home every day. In other words, you will not be attending school after this autumn mainly because of our family situation.

    " Huh?" Carson's mouth opened into an " o" shape. Her heart sank into the ocean of deep blue sea.

    " But papa, education's the best way out of poverty," Carson sniffed, willing to let the tears roll down.

    " Darling, I'm sorry, but..." Dad apologised. It was the first time Dad had apologized so profusely.

    " I'll try to earn money from the gambling den, okay?" Dad asked. I shook my head. After a few minutes of composing my self, I told dad that my friend invited me to a playdate at Iowa Scott Road the next day.

    " Okay, I'll bring you there tomorrow," Dad promised.

    "Now darling, don't cry anymore," He continued.

    " Dad, when will we ever solve the mystery of where mama went?" I took the courage to ask.

    " I'll try," Dad said.

    The following day, Dad drove me with his motorcycle to Iowa Scott Road.

    " Dad, I know how to go up by myself, I'm a grown up," I said, not letting him know what i'm up to. He laughed a little and nodded. There, stood a girl with her hair bunned up and introduced herself as Natasha.

    Climbing up a flight of stairs, Natasha brought Carson to her house. It was actually a bungalow and part of her bungalow was where she did potions and there was a big cauldron which was very old looking.

    " I guess you're here to buy my invention? One bottle of aether costs 60 bucks," She said.

    oh no. Carson did not have money.

    „Before that, may I ask how you knew my name?" Carson asked, trying to stall.

    " Basically, your mum is my master for alchemy. When I was young, she would visit my little hut every Monday and teach me alchemy," She started.

    Carson hit the nail on the head! Ah, now she knew why her mum goes out every Monday last time!

    " So do you know where my mum is?" Well, she's in the air," Natasha replied.

    " In the air?" Carson questioned, a little skeptical about stuff.

    " Yeah, all alchemists dissolve into the air when they have died. Your mum actually passed on because of lung cancer," Natasha continued.

    Wait,,, Mum has lung cancer? Why didn't she tell Carson?

    " Your mum wants me to teach you alchemy some day and you know, you'll have to quit school. You'll get rich like how I was in a hut and then in a bungalow," Natasha said.

    " I'll give you my number," Natasha said as Carson recorded it into her lousy phone.

    Carson wondered how she was going to settle this issue...

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134 days ago
Well I actually more like skimmed it, not rlly skipped :o=O¦ (hehehe he has a body)
134 days ago
okay, i get it AddyNick, not a Must to check it out;)
135 days ago
Glare is good too. But I didn't finish it. It was too creepy for me, so I just went to the end of the chapters and read them
135 days ago
Thank you for checking this out!! Really appreciate it.
136 days ago
Great story! 😄😄😄😄😄😄
160 days ago
omg this us awesome and so good
163 days ago
Hello! I wonder what will happen next. Carson's going to get rich by living in a hut!
And I wrote a fanfic called After Part 1, which is not in my tests yet but would appreciate if you could check it out when it is!
178 days ago
I can't wait! Well, I'll have 2 :D
179 days ago
I’ll release chapter three in early November :)
181 days ago
Hi NHYT! I wonder what Carson's plan is... good story!