Dose my crush like me back

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This might NOT be 100% true BUT it MIGHT be true so try this awesome quiz don't be sad if you get the answer you want.

  • 1
    Dose he stare at you
  • 2
    Dose he/she say nice things about you(TELL THE TRUTH)
  • 3
    Dose he/she have a boyfriend/girlfriend

  • 4
    Dose he / she talk about other girl/boys that are not you.
  • 5
    Dose he act shy around you( some peeps are not shy so its okay if he dose not act shy around you)
  • 6
    Dose he know you like him(not part of score)

  • 7
    Dose he/she tease you( if he dose its not a bad thing TRUST ME!
  • 8
    Dose he hate you
  • 9
    How close are you.
  • 10
    Last one. do you think he likes you. ( dose not fcome to score)

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