Does She Like Me Back?

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This is coming from a girl, so I def know some things. I can't promise this will be 100% accurate, but it will def at least give you a general idea if you're honest with the questions... I'm rooting for you! 👌.

  • 1
    First things first, Do YOU think SHE likes you? (Ik that ALL of these tests ask this question, but it matters, trust me!)
  • 2
    Does she ever start a conversation with you?
  • 3
    If YOU start the conversation, does she answer? How does she act during talking?
  • 4
    Does she slump in her seat when near you or does she sit upright to where her back isn't touching the back of the seat?
  • 5
    Does she ever seem to show off around you? By this, I mean:
    -Does she ever talk about how a guy likes her but the feeling isn't mutual?
    -Does she ever talk about how good she is at something?
    -Does she ever flip her hair or twist while walking?
  • 6
    Does she laugh when you crack a joke? Or laugh when you do basically nothing?
  • 7
    Does she ever stare at you?
  • 8
    If you catch her staring, what does she do?
  • 9
    Does she walk closer to you when walking past her, almost as if she wants to brush you as she walks past?
  • 10
    So... do her friends ever say "Oh, ___, look, it's ___!" Or anything of the like when walking past you?
  • 11
    And how did she react if this happened?
  • 12
    Has she ever flirted with you?
    Define how she did it?
  • 13
    And finally... Do YOU LIKE HER?

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110 days ago
guys' im lesbian
so.. yeah
110 days ago
holy 💗 im a girl
133 days ago
Thanks, thinks she likes me. Your test was 100% accurate! Thanks Bro😉
136 days ago
Can anyone please respond to my comments? It would be really helpful.
Update: I got moved to the backrow right next to her and now we are stand partners. I already embarrassed myself a bunch of times cuz I feel nervous having her right next to me. But she flirty with me again. Please give me some advice?
141 days ago
Wow. Guys. This is lame. For one, being a girl, this quiz is muoi inaccurate. And two, guys you are heartless. There is only one comment and it hasn't been solved. In the does HE like me quizes there are so many people and you can get answers within a day at least. Anyway, here are a few helps for the guys with hearts.
Does this girl act different around you. Forget showing off. Different girls act different ways. It depends on her personalit and confidence. Some girls will show off. Others will act sort of tough. Try and scare you. Call me weird but when boys get scared it's pretty cute. Some girls tense up and literally try and avoid you like the plague and if you ask for a pencil, they will grab one, hands shaking, give it to you, and SAY NOTHING. One things for sure, most girls aren't brave enough to tell boys they like them. The best you'll get is their friends telling you: _ likes you and she wants to date you. That is the girls way of asking someone out. And the WORST thing to do is say- tell her to come over here. She won't. Go to her!!! On the topics of things not to say are, why are you following me, why do you sit near me, why are you staring at me or any of that sort. DOES SHE HAVE TO SPELL IT OUT FOR U!!? Most of the time, girls are simple. But the chances are if 20 people surrounding her ask if she likes you, she'll automatically say no. If you REALLY want to find out, get ONE, LESS POPULAR friend to ask her that IN PRIVATE. Popularity is scary for anyone who isn't popular. ANYWAY, you just need to man up dude. But don't ask someone out after a day that's creepy.
145 days ago
I am writing this because I am totally unsure whether my crush likes me.
Last year, when I was is 6th grade, I had orchestra with her, and I had a crush on her for the 1st semester. But eventually, I gave up because she never actually talked to me. This year, I actually sat next to her in the beginning of the year. When first got moved next to me, she smiled and said hi. This made me instantaneously like her again. Sometimes, I would catch her staring at me, and when I see her, she would smile. This happened for a couple weeks, until she got moved behind me. Apparently, a lot of boys like her, and one of my friends, who sat behind me and next to her, was teased for having a crush on her as well. Another friend of mine was also teased of liking when he was joking around with her. This discouraged me a little bit, but later, when I looked back behind my seat, she saw me and stared and smiled at me. It was usually me who broke off the stares, but that was because since I sat in the front, I might get in trouble by my orchestra teacher. This happened this year, and I am in 7th grade. I only have one class with her (orchestra) but I knew her entire schedule because when I had ELA and SS 1 & 2 period, she would have it as well, but it would be right next door. Orchestra was 3rd, and I soon found out her 4th and 5th later (I will talk about it later), and I saw her walking to her 6th period before. I took a few online tests, and they all said she probably likes me and even if she doesn’t I can change that quickly by making a move (which I was so stupid my not doing). But this was when things started to go downhill. The kid who sites next to me in orchestra, is literally so annoying and keeps making up these lies (which 99% are jokes) that I swear all the times, do alcohol, and do drugs, etc. But one day, when I turned around to talk to my friend, the annoying kid made up this lie that I had a crush on these random two girls in the back of the class. This went on for a few minutes, and my friend which I was talking to, misinterpreted it and asked me loudly if I liked my crush, pointing at both me and my crush. I glanced at my crush and saw that she was smiling. I should have thought more, but I was so annoyed at this point and loudly exclaimed that I did not like my crush. I regretted this so much, but I did it because I was afraid that she would not like me back. I am not sure, but that event might have caused everything else right after that. She had this friend (who is a boy), who also sits right across from me in ELA, and some people started making claims that my crush and kid liked each other. Then some people said that they saw them holding hands. But a few days before, one of my friends asked the kid if he was dating my crush, and he said yes. I regretted this so much, and before, when I looked at her, she would smile back, but she doesn’t do this anymore. I tried telling her my phone number indirectly before (I put this next to my signature when I sent her an email), but I don’t think she’d seen it. I found out her 4th and 5th when I asked the kid (that people said that he was dating my crush) what he had for 4th and 5th (for I have seen them walking out together before). I want to tell some of my friends who my crush is, but I think they will laugh and say that she doesn’t like me. I really want to know if she likes me or not, and if she doesn’t, I want to know what I could do so I still have some hope.