A family trip to dunelm

Can you guess what happens in dunelm when we go

  • 1
    How do we get there
  • 2
    How long does ot take to get there
  • 3
    Who goes

  • 4
    Why are we there
  • 5
    What do we do there
  • 6
    There is a cafe so what do we eat

  • 7
    A random one am I a triplet
  • 8
    What is the shop called
  • 9
    Is anyone eltes sad that dunelm isnt in all places on earth
  • 10
    Ok back to the story we are messing around in dunelm and you get thrown into the massive bean bag box wjat do you do

  • 11
    Oh I forgot another brothers name who goes guess it
  • 12
    You stop to see you are lost in the middle of dunelm cuz everyine has hidden from you. What do you do
  • 13
    Have you ever been to astrohell I mean astrobound
  • 14
    In dunelm you sit in the trolley and you feel yourself goung very fast down something bumpy so you open your eyes and there he is spacker owen pushing you down the stairs what do you do?
  • 15
    Then your mum sees that you have just gone downstairs in a shopping trolley she asks who did it and why so what do you do
  • 16
    If you said cover up and say a excuse what did you say

  • 17
    You mum just looks and walks off and carries on shopping. So you play gide and seek where do you hide
  • 18
    You win that round so you ate on you count where do you look
  • 19
    You look inside the bean bag box and there is tyler and joe and callum and meg and myself we all scream and the store dud says guys I'm gonna ask you to leave what do you do
  • 20
    This is the end of my quiz I'm sorry it is bad thx for tsking it


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