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The Alchemy ( Chapter 5)

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Chapter 5 arrives...
When Carson needs to make money and discovers dangerous yet interesting things.

    Chapter 5

    The following day, Carson did the same. She made sure her dad had gone to his gambling den before travelling to Iowa Scott Road. In the taxi, Carson reluctantly paid the driver her last ten pounds and messaged Natasha, telling her that she was going bankrupt but she will be there soon.

    Alighting from the car, Carson sprinted to the house. " Hi," she greeted and Natasha smiled back.

    " You said you were in need of money," Natasha stated. " Well, it's time to create your first invention," she continued and excitement bubbled in Carson. " You are great in alchemy but I'll still guide you. So you first have to decide what the potion is for. What potion do you wanna make?"She asked. Pondering, Carson said, " A potion to get Mom back."

    " But if you need money, you usually would make a potion which could help others too," Natasha explained. " Okay," Carson said as she tried thinking of an invention. " A money maker," Carson stated."Wow Carson! You really have a creative mind and I never thought of that before!" Natasha exclaimed and she passed Carson a notepad explaining that it was for her to think of ingredients needed. " How would I know?" Carson asked, bewildered.

    " Well, Carson, don't you remember what I taught you previously? You have to follow your imagination, a little of common sense and also how you feel," Natasha said. After a painful hour, they gathered all the ingredients and realized they needed one more---the crab's eye.

    " Shall we go to the beach to get it?" Carson asked and Natasha smiled and nodded, bringing along a knife carefully. Arriving at the beach, Carson spotted a crab and Natasha helped to dig out the eyes which disgusted Carson a little.
    " Although it seems cruel, we are doing this to help others and yourself," Natasha said. " We aren't killing the crab anyway, just making it blind,"she continued, passing the eye to Carson. Keeping it in her pocket, Carson looked up and spotted a figure flailing his hands, She squinted and told Natasha about it. Due to Natasha's expertise, she created a potion which could freeze the whole ocean and that impressed Carson once again. By then, the person in the sea was lying on ice and he looked bewildered. He crawled slowly towards the shore. Realisation dawned on Carson---that person was her school principal!

    " Hey Carson, why are you here?" He asked.

    Quickly, WItty Carson replied, " Well, I'm spending my time at the beach with my friend. What about you?" Carson asked, curioused.

    " Well, I was using a boat to travel to somewhere to learn some teaching courses," he replied.

    " YOU LIAR!" Natasha hollered and used the same potion which turned the man's ankle into ice. " What?" Carson mumbled, bewildered. But she followed along and Natasha forced the man to drink a potion she made on the spot, revealing that he was called Richard Williams in disguise and was the evil alchemist who made mother in the air. He was so knowledgeable that almost nothing was impossible for him. Natasha immediately tied him onto a chair and Carson was amazed by Natasha's bravery.

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24 days ago
Well I actually more like skimmed it, not rlly skipped :o=O¦ (hehehe he has a body)
24 days ago
okay, i get it AddyNick, not a Must to check it out;)
25 days ago
Glare is good too. But I didn't finish it. It was too creepy for me, so I just went to the end of the chapters and read them
26 days ago
Thank you for checking this out!! Really appreciate it.
27 days ago
Great story! 😄😄😄😄😄😄
51 days ago
omg this us awesome and so good
53 days ago
Hello! I wonder what will happen next. Carson's going to get rich by living in a hut!
And I wrote a fanfic called After Part 1, which is not in my tests yet but would appreciate if you could check it out when it is!
68 days ago
I can't wait! Well, I'll have 2 :D
70 days ago
I’ll release chapter three in early November :)
71 days ago
Hi NHYT! I wonder what Carson's plan is... good story!