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Swearing is Never Cool

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This is an article I have written to remind everyone that swearing is never good or cool.

    Swearing is never Cool

    Have you ever used swear words or heard your classmates use them? Why is swearing so common in schools even in young children! I have done some research and I learnt about two reasons why many people swear.
    Firstly, they want to appear to be cool in front of others. Secondly, they want to feel like a grown up, even though they are kids.

    It is bad to swear and use vulgarities. We should stop children form swearing and I hope that the world would be better without anyone swearing.
    By neveah Hor

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38 days ago
We really should!
46 days ago
46 days ago
nope, so try not to stress on the letter ‘r’...
47 days ago
Also is the r pronounced in year?
48 days ago

49 days ago
oh okay, so it’s pronounced like this:
( Take away the ‘r’ and ‘d’ from Nerd and take away the ‘n’ from vain)
That’s how u pronounce that;))
50 days ago
Your welcome :D! Can you tell me how to pronounce Neveah? Cuz I'm not sure 😅
50 days ago
Thanks, AddyNick:)))
53 days ago
That was longer than I thought
53 days ago
I found something on why it is bad. I copied and pasted it, but also erased a couple words.
"It gives a bad impression
It makes you unpleasant to be with
It endangers your relationships
It's a tool for whiners and complainers
It reduces respect people have for you
It shows you don't have control
It's a sign of a bad attitude
It discloses a lack of character
It's immature
It reflects ignorance
It sets a bad example

is Bad for Society
It contributes to the decline of civility
It represents the dumbing down of America
It offends more people than you think
It makes others uncomfortable
It is disrespectful of others
It turns discussions into arguments
It can be a sign of hostility
It can lead to violence

corrupts the English language
It's , lazy language
It doesn't communicate clearly
It neglects more meaningful words
It lacks imagination
It has lost its effectiveness
54 days ago
This was stupid
Swearing is cool
61 days ago
I HATE SWEARING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE STOP!!! It's not good manners.
62 days ago
Yeah NHYT I don’t understand how it’s so common but I have hardly ever sworn.
63 days ago
I've been swearing since I was 10 no lie
63 days ago
I swear all the time at school you can't stop me swearing
66 days ago
Ikr!!!!???? Thanks for doing this