How much do you know about turkeys?

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Gobble gobble gobble.

  • 1
    Let's start off easy.What is a young female turkey under the age of one year called?
  • 2
    What is a young male turkey under the age of one year called?
  • 3
    What is the difference between a heritage and a broad-breasted(BB) turkey?

  • 4
    Do turkeys have personalitys?
  • 5
    What is an adult male turkey called?
  • 6
    What is an adult female turkey called?

  • 7
    What are the sacks if skin on a turkeys lower neck called?
  • 8
    What is the flap of skin hanging over a turkeys beak called?
  • 9
    Is Chocolate a breed of turkey?
  • 10
    And Finally.....did you enjoy this quiz?

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283 days ago
Why did they delete our comments lol
290 days ago
💗. I was right.
321 days ago
Does anyone still check up on this page? Probably not.
524 days ago
So, TheQuizzyAddict, AddyNick, Sexy Ravenclaw, Bean, Hello Moto, Lily and o-so many more, I hope your all okay and I wish you all the best in life.
524 days ago
"I'm so stupid😂". That simple line of dialogue was my first comment, well on the Period Chat. Honestly, I find it kind of weird, that such a line like that could be the start of so many eventful times. And now the events don't really feel like anything special, well I guess you could say that the do, but I feel different, you know? Most of the time, it's just a troll trying to fake being someone else or something similar, which, I'll admit, it has gotten bland, but that's not really why I'm leaving. The "bigger" reason to why I'm leaving is the fact that I don't feel like I'm part of it. I remember when I first came here, a year and one month ago, me and the other OG's stayed up talking for hours and, I guess you could say that I constantly felt like I was there, having a joy-filled conversation, but now it's different. I can't really say that I'm always a part of it, in fact, more times that not I feel like I'm absent or even just watching. So I'm choosing to leave, and who knows? Maybe I'll find a group that I can feel apart of.
577 days ago
588 days ago
i just remembered this
589 days ago
Yo Isaiah.Me too,it seems all the originals left I'm gonnish,not totally.

And also what the heck Faded?
616 days ago
it's gone and i'm back to normal
616 days ago
if some one sees this and i bet someone will just I won't say please don't read this but I guess you could say I would prefer not if you read this mainly because it's just me complaining but anyways i miss them i miss all of them a lot and if you're wondering whos "them" it's the people who have been here for a long time but left really for some reason i want them back yes there's a lot of new people coming that we can make friends with but i don't want to let go of the old ones like i remember when bean left i... i cried it took me 2 hours to stop and even then whenever i would think about her i would burst out i also remember that day making a promise to my self that i should not wish for them to come back if they don't want to not in a i don't want them here kind of way but a if they don't want to come here any more then i wont judge them for there decision and support it and I've been going by that for the last few months but for some reason right now all i want is them to come back sorry sorry sorry i just really want to get this out right now
660 days ago
661 days ago
oops. sorry. i was surprised 2 see rvnclw
661 days ago
Hey you're s***ting on here wth
661 days ago
666 days ago
Hey guys, I just wanted to say I GOT MY FIRST PERIOD! Sorry I haven’t talked on here but I just wanted to tell you guys. 💓
679 days ago
Ok,so there has been a LOT of drama and we’re trying to keep everything top security so I have to ask the others but for now,a spot where I feel comfortable sharing links is this:

And also,if you can try emailing Getsemani from one of her quizzes,she’ll explain what we’re doing
680 days ago
at the end i meant talk
680 days ago
yeah i know i haven't been on here for a long time and i remember when i first got on here there's was always some one on to talk to but one day it started to change and and most of the time it would just be only one person on so i got used to that and one day it went back and i remember before it changed around february i would be in school waiting for it to end and i would be thinking i can;t wait to get back home and talk to the girls and after im done i would watch some anime but then i would talk for so ling that i didn't get to watch anime but one month later when it slowed down in and let's say it was before the outbreak of covid i would be thinking when i get home im gonna watch some some video games,read my manga and then maybe check the period chat which when i did no one would be on so i would go back to my own things once it went back to normal i couldn't really keep up with it so i started going on there less and less but one day i went back on and there was only two people that i saw before so until four days ago i didn't come on and would only check some times so ravenclaw can you tell me where you all went so i can tall to all of y'all again
680 days ago
Good to see you again!!!!
684 days ago