Does your straight friend seem to like you anyway?

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Honey, been there. I have had someone gay have a crush on me even though I’m straight and if your that gay one then that’s fine too.

  • 1
    Do they stare at you in class?
  • 2
    Do they make excuses to meet up with you?
  • 3
    Do they try to hug you?

  • 4
    Do they flirt with you?
  • 5
    Do they say they are straight?
  • 6
    Are they your friend?

  • 7
    Does she try to hang around with you?
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    Did you like this quiz?
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    Should I make more quizzes? XD
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400 days ago
I think he might be straight but these questions (even if he was gay) made me choose options that lead to 50% gay and straight
882 days ago
Is this for boys? I need to know if ari likes me even though ik she doesnt coz shes fuqqin straight😭😭😭
922 days ago
i took this test and it said he doesnt give a 💋 about me. 5 mins later, he told me he likes me
941 days ago
My crush says he is straight but flirts with me. He rejected me two times but I still get the vibe he either likes me or not.
1057 days ago
My crush is bi, but he says he doesn’t like me :(
1060 days ago
they didnt even bother to change she to he
1060 days ago
its like we are here to and also in like the three i have taken they are just straight tests with a changed tittle for clicks
1060 days ago
couldnt agree more its kinda anoying sometimes
1063 days ago
We need more relationship quizzes for gay men