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A Story, Part 2.

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It started raining as soon as she reached the door.Her house, situated in the middle of the forest, was made of logs.Flowered vines wrapped around the porch supports, and wild roses that she had transplanted were in full bloom, and were planted all about the house.Black-eyed-susans peeked through the roses, and echinacea, marigolds and chicory mixed with the roses.And potted geraniums sat on the railing.

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773 days ago
I have a cat named Echinacea.
942 days ago
Yeah that's great! And very effective too!
942 days ago
Thxs Quizzy!I want to leave people on a cliffhanger every time they finish ze part.
942 days ago
Beautiful! I love how ur not giving too much away!
946 days ago
I know its kina bland right now,its gonna get way better though!