Does she like you? (lgbtq+)(middle/high school)

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Find out if she likes you back! sometimes it can be hard to tell if she is being platonic or not. hopefully this helps:)

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    Does she ever touch you on the arm(or rest her head on your shoulder etc.)?

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144 days ago
My crush has a boyfriend :(... She is pan tho
146 days ago
There's a girl at my school who i think might like me (i am bi) but i don't know how to ask her if she likes me back....idk... she's always staring at me when we talk and she's nice but... idk if she likes girls...
157 days ago
Ooo I just came back randomly to take a quiz on my crush- shes confusing as heck :/, But, did it help you by chance?
165 days ago
Hi You wont know:)
I was just looking through quizzes cos I'm bored and saw your reply, I have most of my lessons with her tomorrow so I'll take your advice and see what happens. Thanks !!
184 days ago
Oh gosh this is so complicated. So I have this friend, and lately I’ve started to think that I might be attracted to her a little bit. The thing is, she has a girlfriend. But I am like, pretty much constantly around them, by their choice. Like, it’s not me following them around, it’s that we always stick together. And lately I’ve been starting to think that she might be a bit attracted to me too. Like just today we had this conversation about whether or not we would date two people at once (not cheating, like a polyamorous relationship) and she said yeah and I said yeah. And then we kind of looked at each other, and then she looked away, smiling. And then when she was doing my makeup for a project for school, her girlfriend left to get something from her locker, and we were alone. And she says “you’re pretty” just randomly. And also I had to put on a dress for the project and she kept staring at me and saying that I looked great.
188 days ago
My crush has a girlfriend.. 😭😭😭😭😭
191 days ago
I don't know if your going to see this A person but I would ask/hint things about your sexuality and see if she reactions to it or if she starts talking about "gay" stuff I guess.
191 days ago
Yo. It says she probably likes me. I really like her and always stare and smile at her and laugh at her jokes to try give it away. Shes only in a few of my classes. I really like her and I'm constantly thinking about her. I dont know her sexuality although she has given me a few hints that she may like me and I have a gut feeling that she does. But I'm not sure. One of her friends said she was lesbian but I dont know if that was a joke or something. I'm just a helpless human being
196 days ago
We've been estranged for longer than a year and just became friends again. I'm not even sure she wants to be my friend. I just know I've kinda wanted tobkiss her at times. This sucks.
196 days ago
They said probably, but I’m still note sure if she’s into girls or not, but she’s told my friend she’s straight. She’s also been trying to flirt(ish) with me, so I’m kinda clueless again.
I hate it when straight girls play with your heart ;-; (I’m 12)
201 days ago
So I used to like this girl(we’re quite good friends) but now I don’t really feel that way towards her which is fine except I kinda think she likes me now... she’s always flirty and she more shy around me now idk what to do
208 days ago
Kaka, try talking about a subject kind of related to it first, then eventually go on to that subject.
208 days ago
I am a confused blob. What is a way to ask someone their sexuality without any forgetfulness and without making it seem weird?((teal)
210 days ago
I know for a fact that the girl I like has no interest in guys and everyone thinks she aroace because of that, I'm not really sure tho I suspect that she may be into girls possibly. The test said she likes me back and I really hope she does but I'm too scared to ask her cause we are good friends but I'm planning on coming out as pan to her soon
218 days ago
Im 10 i just found out im a lesbian i love my bestie i have proper kissed her before and she has to
218 days ago
*Autumn* oops didn't mean to say the Autumn! 😂 But like I was saying I believe there should be this...
218 days ago
I agree with the Autumn. There should be one that says she's pan, bi, ace, etc. My crush told me she's bi so i think there should be an option like this.
219 days ago
for the 4th question, there should be an answer like "she says she used to be bi, pan, ace, etc., but now she says she's straight or vice versa"..
Because she told me she used to be bi, so idk if she really is straight now or not O.o