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A Story, Part 3

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A little man, a dwarf sized man, wearing a faded flannel shirt, overalls, and a black leather jacket.He had a medium-length grizzly grayish-red beard and hair, callused hands, and hazel eyes.”You finally come, I’ve been waiting for like,2 hours yo.”said the man gruffly.”Punky dwarf man? The girl looked on with blank astonishment.The dwarf must of noticed for he said, rather more gently,”Don’t you remember me?”

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756 days ago
This is AMAZING!!!!
Keep making more.
931 days ago
I'm half ravenclaw half slytherin usually aha
934 days ago
Thanks,I will AddyNick and Quizzy!I am NHYT!And I’ll check them out,143 just told me that you write under a different name.
934 days ago
934 days ago
Btw, are u a Hogwarts house Ravenclaw? Because I am! Hi-five if so!! Hahaha
934 days ago
Yes! This was great! Write more! And check out my fan fics too;)) They are The Revolution, Love machine...
934 days ago
more more more moreeeee pleaseeee
935 days ago
So,shall I write more?