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A major turn of events

Hi! I originally posted this under my username 143 because that’s just what I’m used to typing. This is the profile it belongs under though. Anyways please ask questions (as always) and enjoy!

We were in survival mode, our every sense on high alert. Any smell of smoke had us up on our feet, moving again, evacuating the dreaded fire.
Where would we go? We had no plans, just a fierce drive to succeed in our journey. We had no home to come back to. So we went the only way: forward.
We continued for miles, days, and then weeks this way. Lenolina had started to forget what life was like when we were not living peacefully without danger.
Father estimated that the fire would stop in about two weeks, so we kept moving until he was absolutely certain all was clAear.
My troubles had only just begun.

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703 days ago
Hi 143 so um is this minecraft? Also is grenasia the name you used at my academy?