Does he like you? (For girls age 12 and above)

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Does your crush like you? Take this quiz to find out!

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    Does he talk to you?

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292 days ago
The guy I only sort of like I asked out last year and he was like "uh no" when I asked. Now he keeps staring at me during our classes. One time I was telling one of my guy friends about the latest episode of one of the shows we watch and he (the guy I liked) was kind of eavesdropping and it was kinda weird. A few weeks ago we played a game in our science class and of all the people he could've picked he picked me, when I picked two people I know fairly well. IDK he's sending mixed signals. He's popular so it's weird he hasn't said much to me when all of his close friends have had girlfriends before.
298 days ago
OMG 😲he's nervous to ask me out lol and she's right U GO GIRRLLLL and actually I once gave him a Valentine card and taped a lolly pop onto it and about last month he asked me out but I had something going on but yesterday he confessed his feelings with me and asked me to be his GF AND I SAIDD YESSS EEEEEE😂😇😆
301 days ago
I am help
Tysm for readin my sad sad story but like I mean also the guy has uhhhhh *im not supposed to share this* autism so that may actually explain some things like how he’s awkward around everyone and stuff. But like he’s still a really nice guy. And so now I’ll just ask him to be my friend, like JUST a friend, and I’ll see from there. We’re going to go to enrichment together each week, so maybe he’ll see me in a new light. And I rlly wanna say to all those girls with crushes who like them back that ur super lucky and congrats cuz... u basically won the lottery. It must feel super amazing maybe one day I’ll feel that way too.
302 days ago
303 days ago
He said he likes my friend! The quiz told me he doesn't like me and I think its right
303 days ago
if he flirts with you and all of your friends he sounds like a player and a big flirt
he probably doesnt like you even if he flirts with you

find someone better that loves you like you love your crush
304 days ago
304 days ago
Yep so my crush told me he likes my bff and I wanted to see if he liked maybe just maybe me too but of course the quiz said he MIGHT like me just like ALL of the other quizzes I mean he sorta flirts with me AND all my other friends so I wanted to see if he wasn’t exactly completely attached to my bff. Recently I told him I USED to like him but that’s a TOTAL LIE I luv him rn still plz help me any advice I’m confoosed on what to do with my life
305 days ago
Happy for you, S aPhiRE19!
305 days ago
This quiz is awesome! Thx fir naking ut it really helped me and yesterday I asked him out and he said yes!!!