Are you trans? Quiz

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Obviously not gonna be fully accurate
will determine the likelihood if you're trans or not
this is just for a laugh don't take it too seriously lol

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    If you were presented with a button that could turn you into the opposite gender, would you press it? There will be no social consequences of this.

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8 days ago
hi creator of the quiz here srry for slightly odd wording at times and the lack of inclusion for nonbinaries that's all thx
8 days ago
There is no real gender there is just u
8 days ago
I am gay but just making sure I don’t need more than D
9 days ago
Does anyone else have stories to share? I’m listening 🙃🙂😉
11 days ago
SomeRandomChild (64639)
I’m glad you figured out who you truly are. Best of luck to you. I just wish there was more people like you that I can relate to that I can have a deep conversation with you know. It’s kind of rough not being able to talk to someone about this that truly understands where your coming from. But anyways good luck my friend I’m sure you’ll do great. 👍🏻
14 days ago
i'm 11 years old and i'm sure that i'm trans (Like 95% sure) I mean i've always wanted to be a boy or that i would have been born a boy sooo it makes sence kinda but still if the creator of this quiz is reading this thanks it was a nice quiz! :>
18 days ago
why do you refer to being trans as bad, I am kinda annoyed about that
29 days ago
I’m not sure if I’m trans or non-binary but I hate my body with a passion majority of the time. I’ve researched for years, and I still can’t figure out what I am, but ever since I was a toddler I gravitated to masculine things. I hate being called a girl, or anything remotely feminine, but I’m not sure how I feel about being a guy. My current pronouns (to my friends) are Xe/Xem but no matter what pronouns I use, nothing feels normal on me. Some feel better than others, but I don’t come across that “perfect fit” please help!
40 days ago
i made a few spelling errors, sorry!! “you can identify as whatever”**
and “give everything a chance”**. maybe a few more too. sorry again
40 days ago
!!‼️PLEASE READ‼️!! anyone reading this. know gender isn’t just boy or girl. and neopronouns is something you might want to get into. also, pronouns don’t equal your gender. if you think your trans, first make an openmind that anyone can wear anything. that nothing has a gender, and nothing makes your gender, but your own self. you can identify whatever and than change that as you grow. your identity is a journey, you won’t make a mistake. and if you do, that’s ok. grow from that mistake. but give everything a change. you aren’t alone, try joining lgbt+/trans communities on discord or other things if you want!! it’s good to talk to others (you trust) on this journey. experiment!! if you need to dm me, my tiktok is @ffskennie . please contact me if needed! or even wanted. :)) -kennie
41 days ago
to jay, i'm so sorry for you, baby. i get that it's a difficult time for you but just know that i'm here for you if you ever need someone to talk to. i have a dad and grandma that say homophobic stuff but never mind about that because this is about you right now. i hate those transphobic people for being like that. i want to take you out of that situation so badly and it makes me feel helpless that i'm not there right by your side to help you get out of that situation. i decided to come out to my dad by just hoping for him not to be mad and by saying i can't control who i like before i told him about me being pansexual. i know it's not like me telling him i'm transgender though. i wish you didn't have parents like that. my grandma talks about god and all and i myself believe in god and i believe god is loving of all who do no harm and that change their ways positively. i'm praying for you.
41 days ago
what does being stranded on an island have to do with this?
43 days ago
one more piece of advice: don't engage with bigots or transphobic people online, u don't owe them anything. focus on yourself and your own mental health first. you've got this and I love you
43 days ago
everyone in the comments: please know that there are people who love you for who you are always!! also, it's best to figure out the gender dysphoria thing with the help of a qualified adult who'll be able to help you through the journey of figuring out your gender identity. don't rush into any medication or such bc some doctors r rlly predatory and want to make profits sometime >.< I wish u all the best, stay safe and healthy
48 days ago
*Before reading this, please note that this name isn't my biological name.*

I know I'm not suppose to say this but, yes I am a trans male and I identify as a male. I want to come out to both of my parents however, since they are very religious and transphobic parents, they won't let me to change to the opposite gender. I am very terrified for it. I know it's sucks, I even found out that I was born as a trans male since I loved to watch many males' action movies, having many males' toys, dressing as a male, etc. I just really needed someone to support me and help me to come out. But, I know it will not happen at all. My gender, height, and mind dysphoria really haunt me. I had asked many other people to help me however, all of them are transphobes too. I couldn't do anything about it. Heck, I was born as a female. I never wish to be born as a guy. I just want some supports to transition to a guy. Just that, that will make me happier to be myself.

*Ps: Thank you very much if you're reading this, it really means much to me*
51 days ago
if this really is important to you im begging you to reach out to someone who can talk to you about this stuff
53 days ago
I don't even know if I really am trans, but If I am i know I'll never come out to my parents. Maybe my sister, but I would have to be completely independent. I'm also sort of girly, so it contradicts! But do I really have to be masculine to be a guy? No. It's just how I dress. Doesn't make me any less of a real guy...I just can't deal with being a girl anymore.
55 days ago
I think i wanna be a boy, but I'm also a lesbian. I don't know if I'm really masculine or wanna be a boy....Please help!
67 days ago
okay so it says i'm trans, but another test says i'm suffering from gender disphoria.... i don't know what i should believe in. Maybe i am trans ? I mean i always think that being a boy would be the best thing that would happen to me... but i'm afraid, what if nobody take me seriouly, what if it's just a phase, what if my family rejects me ? i'll be overthinking all night again
68 days ago
I've been having a LOT of gender problems. Mostly because at first I thought I was genderfluid, but then I just realized I hated being female and I wanted to change it. Unfortunately I have one of those families who won't accept me being trans or gender fluid so I have no way to go about being happy as myself until I'm at least 18. Its practically impossible to find ways to find my chest because I don't have a binder and I don't know what else to do. Any advice? Also thank uou, stay safe and be proud 🌈