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How Savage Are You?

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If You Think You're Savage For Telling Your Teacher "No" When She Asks You To Leave The Class, You Are In For This Kind of Quiz!

  • 1
    When Your Freind Falls Out With You, What Would You Do?
  • 2
    What Video Game Do You Play?
  • 3
    What Do You Think About YouTube?

  • 4
    You Have No Holidays Or Days Out Of School. What Do You Do?
  • 5
    You Join A Gang. What Do You Do?
  • 6
    A Police Officer Arrested Your Boyfreind/Girlfreind. What Do You Do?

  • 7
    You Throw Up On A Date. What Do You Do?
  • 8
    Your Car Gets Hijacked. What Do You Do?
  • 9
    Somebody Steals Your Credit Card. What Do You Do?
  • 10
    Your Internet Has Stopped Working.

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