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Fish Out of Water (part 2)

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This is the second in the series, one of many to come. Please read the first one before coming to read this one!:) Happy reading!

Before I can say something more, Khristina walks up to our group. We instantly stop talking.
"Ummmm... What did I miss?" Khristina asks.
"Nothing," Jo replies, not even a hint of guilt in her tone. She's good!
"Chloe?" Khristina turns to me, not trusting anyone else.
Everyone looks pointedly at me. Their eyes beg for me to tell her what Jo told her, but I can't betray Khristina. My first friend here, my best friend. My crush.
"We were talking," I say, and leave it at that.
"About what? Me?" Khristina sounds hurt, and I feel like crying. How could I have done this to her?
Sammy saves me.
"All good things, all good things. We were trying to figure out who we can hook you up with," She has good excuses. And that's not even lying, I guess.
Khritina sighs.
"When are you guys going to give up? There's no one here that would like me, unless one of you do..."
Everyone bursts out laughing at this. I find it harder to.
"So, who were you thinking?" Khristina asks playfully, but I can tell she actually does want to know.
Amanda turns toward me. Jo and Samantha follow suit.
"I see, I see..." Khristina acts like she's playing, but her cheeks are glowing bright red, and I can tell she actually wants that to happen, to be hooked up with me.
I look down for a second. When I look up, her expression is gone. What am I doing! I'm setting my self up for heartbreak! I don't like girls! I'm not lesbian! Or bisexual! I. Am. Nothing. But. Straight. Right?
Ughhhhhh! I'm killing myself!
Deep breaths... Deep breaths... Okay, that's better.
Shoot! Everyone's looking at me now.
"You okay, Chloe?" Khristina's voice is actually concerned.
"Yeah, girl, you good?" Manda chimes in, and soon the hallway is a chorus of my friends looking out for me.
"What? Oh, yeah, I'm fine," I say, and the Khristina's face is full of instant relief. Or that's just my imagination.
"Good," Khristina says.
I love these people.

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9 days ago
OMG This is sooooo good!!!! I can totally relate. Not about the telling her part tho. :)
Any tips?
25 days ago
Hi. This is an awesome story!!! When is part 3 coming? 😁
36 days ago
Hey Great story!! :)
39 days ago
Omg I love it!!!!! I read the first one too before reading this and they are both awesome!!! You make amazing stories sandra!!! I wish I could write like that!!! Write part 3 at lightning fast speed, because I want to read it!! 😁