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The Shadow Girl

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This is a true story as it actually happened. still scares the crap outta me.


    Okay, I hope you'll have some answers as to what exactly I saw
    4 years ago in a two story colonial in Sheboygan. This story is 100% true.

    I guess I'll discuss the layout of the important part of the second floor. So, as you're walking up the stairs, my sister's room is directly to the left of the stairs. Then straight ahead is my mom and dads room. to the right down a hallway is my room.

    So one day (I'm home-schooled) I had to go get something in my room and as I'm walking up the stairs, something caught my eye. Now, you must know, nothing paranormal had happened before this. So, I turned, and I saw a completely black (like a shadow, but darker) version of my sister. This happened about once every month for 3 months. Once I was even brave enough to walk up to it and say, " Kaeley?" For that was my sisters' name. I think it was a demon.


    Hey, if you have a similar experience, please comment.
    Also, if you think you know what I saw, also please comment

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81 days ago
yo thats creepy, you know i sometimes see white figures out of the corner of my eye that in the shape of a person. sometimes i think my house in haunted
121 days ago
This happened to yesterday except it was a baby
121 days ago
Cool that was just cool
121 days ago
I'll try to kill myself next tome
126 days ago
TheFadedWalker 500 I read it before bed because I'm insane :)
128 days ago
Y the hell do I read horror at night? Jeez. How stupid am I?
128 days ago
i have never had this experience but I have always wanted to IDK Y tho
166 days ago
yah like smile dog jeff the killer slenderman ben drowned aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
166 days ago
167 days ago
168 days ago
Shadowheart, check out the second from the bottom of your not included tests.
168 days ago
Yeah but the hits sounded like from outside
168 days ago
Was the wall inside?
168 days ago
no but one time I was in bed and it was raining really hard and I heard 3 hits on my wall. Idk what it was it might of been the rain.
169 days ago
Huh... ever hear 3 taps on your window at night? This may or may not have happened to me or a friend.
169 days ago
Yeah sometimes I hear things like tapping in the vent and stuff like that... One time I was in bed trying to sleep and i heard something that came from my room.. It sounded like a loud pop. I asked my mom and she said it was just the hot water heater beacuse it's kinda old so it makes noises... but I hear the hot water heater popping every night... That pop I heard sounded nothing like it.
170 days ago
Yeah actually most ppl see those thingys at night like when they have sleep paralysis. But you were awake, it seems.
170 days ago
Wow that's scary. Mine was in plain day, tho. Huh.
171 days ago
so something similar did happen to me. So I was at home, at night. And my parents are divorced. Don't worry I'm not sad about this. But anyways that night I couldn't sleep, so I went down stairs to ask my mom if I could have one of my pills that helps me sleep. I sat down next to my mom, she was on her bed. I looked at the wall and I saw a shadow figure walking. I looked back and my mom, and she was still on the bed. She was also in a completely different positon. She was on her phone. So I think it was a ghost...
172 days ago
Uhhh... idk what 2 comment