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The Interplanet Art Academy--The Search (4)

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Several of the ones who can see spies found another... but they still have to find everyone else.
And war has been declared.

(If you have not read the Introduction, 1, 2, and 3 yet, then read those first so you know what's going on)

Leah Arron

I toyed with the clay in my hand. We were supposed to be building an animal from our home world out of it. But I was preoccupied, thinking about who else could apparently see these "spies." Penelope, and four others. I'd only learned that this very morning, and now it was distracting me. I settled for building a crocogator.
"What're you building?" Colette Claw inquired.
"Crocogator," I replied.
"What's that?"
"Basically a giant gray-blue crocodile with horns. What are you building?"
"A Chayateeian dog," she responded. "They're small and spotted with short fur."
"Girls, is this the time to talk or the time to create?" Mrs. Edith interrupted. She said that every time she caught us talking at an inopportune time.
"The time to create," the entire class of four people replied in unison.
"Right," she clapped her hands. "Back to work, everyone!"

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107 days ago
Kaity neveah...

I haven't read this in awhile lol but I feel like you squished me and nhyt together. Tbh I forget if the name was a coincidence or- mmm
173 days ago
259 days ago
AllTheTests is glitching when I try to write the fifth, so it may be a while until the next comes out. And thank you and you're welcome, Kaity
275 days ago
This is awesome. thanks for writing
287 days ago
However, anything that happened with Yvonne outside of Penelope's dorm is still Yvonne. Sorry for the mistake. If you notice any other inconsistencies, please tell me so I can fix it
287 days ago
I have noticed a mistake. Yvonne Anderson cannot be in Jania/Margaret's dorm at the same time as Penelope's. Instead of Yvonne in Penelope's room, I am switching her with Colette Claw (a character who hasn't been mentioned yet in this story)