Keeper Of The Lost Cities Quiz

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All 8 books, so don't take unless you have read them all!

  • 1
    In Lodestar, what is the name Sophie let Keefe call her the first time she talked to him telepathically?
  • 2
    Who came up with the name "Lady Fos-Boss?"
  • 3
    What is the last thing anyone said in Everblaze?

  • 4
    What color did Fitz guess the crush cuffs Dex gave Sophie were?
  • 5
    How many Forgotten Secrets does Oralie have?
  • 6
    (Easy one) Who is Sophie's biological mother?

  • 7
    What is Marella's dad's ability?
  • 8
    What ability did Marella want?
  • 9
    In Flashback, the first time Sophie had... flashbacks, which of these came before the "damaged" ...flashback?
  • 10
    Which is the password Sophie gave to Vertina? The one that worked.

  • 11
    Who is in Team Valiant besides Sophie?
  • 12
    (Easy) How many brothers does Mr. Forkle have?
  • 13
    Team Prodigious is a terrible name!
  • 14
    LAST QUESTION (Will you comment?)
    What is Maruca's ability?

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90 days ago
Never mind Bailey sorry !
205 days ago
Wait a second it says "What color did Fitz guess" not "what color were they" also Bailey, did I get someone's talent or whatever they're called wrong?
205 days ago
MG you're right! I'm sorry. But I don't have the code to change the quiz so... thanks for pointing that out anyway 😅😰😱😂
234 days ago
Ummmmm you have a mistake in your quiz. The crush cuffs aren't periwinkle. Fitz just thought they were. They're black. Read page 249 in nightfall.
240 days ago
She is a psionipath, I think
287 days ago
Well it's probably at some bookstores like Barnes & Nobles or something
288 days ago
Where can I find it so I can read it?
288 days ago
Yes, this is a book series. Thanks! :)
289 days ago
Is this a book series? Also, Great quiz!
289 days ago
Please comment!
289 days ago
Please comment! Did you like my quiz?