Pictures of my Poultry

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A Wellsummer hen

A Wellsummer hen

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775 days ago
Haha these are cute.(And handsome!) Gosh, rooster's are so sensitive! 😋

I have lots of chickens just like yours!

Q: Why does the Rooster crow before dawn?
A: To get a word in before the Hens wake up!!!
889 days ago
Thank you!😊.
892 days ago
Ooohh nice!!!
898 days ago
Nice poultry
901 days ago
No, I was just bored, so I commented nonsense. :/ :)
902 days ago
Erm,is something wrong with the photos..?.?...?
902 days ago
903 days ago
Interesting. Hmmm....
904 days ago
Rats,why did it have to turn them the wrong way?!?!