Am I a TRUE tomboy? (ACCURATE)

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  • 1
    What is your opinion on rules?
  • 2
    Are you usually assumed to be a boy, or a girl?
  • 3
    What do you wear to a really fancy party? (Where all the girls wear dresses).

  • 4
    Video games, or spa day?
  • 5
    Do you have dogs?
  • 6
    Would you ever climb up the outside wall of a church if there are lots of grown-ups around?

  • 7
    In your activities outside of school are there mostly girls, or boys?
  • 8
    Do you brush your hair?
  • 9
    What set of colours do you like?
  • 10
    Did you like my quiz?

Comments (49)


6 days ago
why is everyone acting like being a girly girl is a bad thing? what the hell man
but super nice quiz btw!
33 days ago
How did I get normal girl? Just because I have a dog allergy doesn’t mean I’m not a tomboy! And the only reason I don’t climb a church wall is cause I don’t GO to church. I have no idea how do to makeup, and I only own 2 dresses for when mom makes me wear them. I even play basketball, and soccer, and four square, and I skateboard. So why did I get normal girl? Oh well, at least I didn’t get girly. And I don’t need some dumb test to tell me I’m not a tomboy cause I say I am.
35 days ago
I got normal girl. Not sure why though. I will never wear a skirt or make-up or heels and I often play things like basketball. And what even is a "normal" girl anyway
44 days ago
You are a tomboy! You like sports & video games. You also don't like make-up and you don't like rules at all! You are somewhat rebellious and you like boys' clothes. You are also not a big fan of dresses. You are considered to be quite a tomboy. LOL 100%.
51 days ago
I got normal girl!!! I only wouldn't climb up a church wall bc my parents are strict! I have make up but i don't wear it, I am a sister of 3 tough brothers, i go out and play in the mud, i LOVE the rain, i LOVE bugs when all my brothers are scared of them, i only don't have three or more dogs (I WOULD LOVE THAT!!) bc my parents already have enough to handle, i always play with boys, i love climbing. i have long hair but, i like it, my favourite colour is blue and green(mostly blue tho), i used to be a full mon girly girl when i was little, my favourite colour was pink( i HATE PINK NOW!!!) I......
Ill go on forever but atleast i didnt get girly girl THANK GODDDDD!!!
52 days ago
well I have got a normal girl...and to be honest i don't know to do a makeup as written in the result....also in my closet all i have is shirts and pants...
i don't like to play sports because i am way too lazy..but i like watching them
65 days ago
I don't know why I got a "normal" girl, because I hate dresses and makeup and spend half of my time at the skatepark. I have tried almost every sport and love being outdoors. I don't care who I hang out with as long as they are nice and don't just talk about boys. I would consider myself a tomboy.
68 days ago
I got tomboy, and it isn’t a lie. I play soccer with the boys basically everyday. When I’m not playing soccer, I am playing basketball.
71 days ago
It is true that im not 100% tomboy and im on the edge of normal girl but I HATE sports if Any of My friend see me do sports willingly please call an ambulance
84 days ago
I got tomboy and it is completely true
84 days ago
Tomboy all the way, folks! nice quiz, by the way
88 days ago
Why can’t a tomboy like pink or purple or yellow?! I’m definitely a tomboy because I love sports, I like to hangout with guys and girls, I hate wearing dresses because they’re very uncomfortable and I love wearing shirts and pants. This test was not completely accurate I’m sorry. I would rather be a tomboy than a “normal” or girly girl 😐.
96 days ago
I am kinda tomboy! I wish i was more tomboy. . . does anyone have tips fur me?
96 days ago
😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 I'M NOT A TOMBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
97 days ago
This was wrong I'm not girly in the slightest
108 days ago
So, i'm girli! Very interesting, fun, & informative quiz!
110 days ago
I will say this definitely feel more accurate than most of these test, gives me a bit more clarity. Not corny, realistic questions that make sense it works best when doing the test with honesty.
111 days ago
I am somewhat girlie! Great! Nice quiz!!!!!!
111 days ago
I am literally the most tomboyish girl! Everyone thinks i'm a boy! Amazing quiz!

What . . . are you a boy? This quiz is girls ONLY! You are totally tomboyish! You love sports and play at least 3, & you love to get dirty! You absolutely hate make-up and you also have short hair and look like a boy. Rules, you hate, & strict grown-ups you usually just defy. You love jeans, overalls, and boys' clothes and you don't even own a dress.
You are a tough rebel! You win the world record for the most tomboyish girl!

Thank you for this super cool quiz!
111 days ago
I got a normal girl and i like both being in a dress with make-up on and being outside with jeans and a t shirt on