Does your crush like you back? ( TEEN GIRLS)

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So..I'm a teen girl and I know how it feels to have a crush on quality boy and have no idea if he likes you back. Or you'll feel like he likes you but your too scared to approach him. So! This quiz will help you decide if that boy who has caught your eye feels the same way about you.

  • 1
    Do you notice your crush looking at you a lot when be thinks your not looking?
  • 2
    Does your crushes friends tease him when your around?
  • 3
    How often does your crush reach out to you ( like text first or call first or invited you places)?

  • 4
    Do you find yourself staring at your crush in class?
  • 5
    Does your crush seam to get nervous around you?
  • 6
    Are you and your crush friends?

  • 7
    Does your heart seam to beat 100 times faster when you see your crush looking at you? ( I know mine does!)
  • 8
    If this quiz told you that you and your crush were meant to be would you ask him out?
  • 9
    Does he have a girlfriend?
  • 10
    Did you enjoy the quiz ( does not effect score)?

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212 days ago
Hey to y’all here who’s taking this quiz and still want to take more love quizzes, I do recommend “Does he like me? For confused teen girls”. While both tests are similar, there are more ppl in the comments who give great advice and they can talk abt anything! I occasionally go there to check what’s up and see if other peeps need any advice on anything. I have a crush myself so we all have problems we can relate to lol 😂 anyways stay safe people!
229 days ago
A lovesick gal in NC- HI, I'm so sorry that you dad forbid you to talk to your crush🙁 and I'm also sorry that I'm five days late ( anyway I understand how it feels to miss your crush. Do you have his phone number email or social media? That could be a way you two could talk. If you need anything else let me know!!
234 days ago
Someone help me! My world is falling around me! There is this boy on my swim team. People say I'm crazy for taking a lot of interest in him. I have given him a couple love letters along with a gift once. We talk often, about whatever we want. He hangs around me a lot trying not to let me know. At the end of the season, he hugged me! Best night ever! I hugged back. (Wish it was the other tho) But somehow my parents found out what was going on! I love them to death, but for once, I'd wish they stay out my love life! Geez! Anyway, my dad forbid me from talking to him at the Awards Banquet! I nearly broke down! It was going to be the last time I would ever see him. He works down the road where I live, and see his car there a lot. He wants to switch jobs though. That's the reason why I wanted to talk to him. To figure out where he would want to transfer jobs. And to get his #. We danced at the Winter Formal and that was the best night of my life! I sobbed the entire time during Math class. (I switched from homeschool to Public school about a month ago) He's still in homeschool. I'd be a sophomore but I got held back a year. He's a Junior! And 17! I love him dearly and I'm afraid to let go! We don't see each other anymore! Swim team is over and I'll be in Public School until I graduate! He wants to go to the Military after he does! :( I miss our times talking together, uninterrupted. I miss him a lot.

I am very depressed. What now?
235 days ago
💑 💑 💑 💑 💑
235 days ago
thing is, i have a boyfriend and im crushing on a guy ive known for a year! he doesn't like emo girls, he likes redheads. but still, he buys me food and pampers me and is so sweet when its just us. We have band together-both percussionists- and our section is seperated so its just us. he always knows my boundaries and found me self harming once and he dropped his sticks and hugged me until i was okay again.