When will I get my first period? Quiz VERY ACCURATE

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This quiz will be able to help tell you when you will get your period. I'm not an expert so I can't say it will be 100% accurate, but it should be close. Everyone's body is different and some may have more or less symptoms than others, but this test should be a rough estimate for all girls!

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27 days ago
@i want my period so bad. I am not really sure because you have the signs but normally it is around when your mom or sister got it. Also orange discharge?? I would tell my mom discharge ranges from white-clear-yellow but never orange.
92 days ago
Can someone please estimate me, I think about getting my period everyday lol

Age: 9 (ik pretty young lol)
My mum got hers at 12
My sister at 11
Pubic hair: brow hairs getting kinda darker
Discharge: I got my first discharge like two weeks ago and it was just a bit an it was bright orange
My "chest" is stage two but I belive it will be stage 3 pretty soon
I get cramps every week or maybe less
Mood swings: I get mad or sad over little things
And I get cravings and I do eat a lot more chocolate and stuff like that
I've had Pubic hair and a chest for around 11 months
Crush: I had this crush on this guy from the other class but bc of quarantine we don't go to school so we don't see each other so idk if I still like him and I also have a celebrity crush xD

Thanks a lot for reading and maybe estimating me
92 days ago
0-2 months!! So excited!! Hope it's accurate!!🤞
101 days ago
@just waiting for my period I think it will come in 0-6 months I am not a doctor I am just estimating talk to a trusted female about it and carry pads or tampons depending on your choice it could come earlier or later so good luck
107 days ago
Eek I got 2-5 months and other sites think the same which is odd now I think about it cos I don't have breasts
169 days ago
Can someone estimate me? I dont know when will i get my first period. I dont want to get it in an embarrassing situation..

I'm 11.

I am 5ft

I weight 81 pounds

I get a lot of discharge everyday. Its yellow/white-ish

I have medium length, curly hair. (Down there)

My leg/arm hair is light brown, getting noticiable

I have terrible mood swings. ( I cried for like 10 mins straight, then i started to laugh like a crazy person)

My hair looks so greasy a day after washing it.

I have bad headaches

I get cramps every.single.day!

I am sooo sleepyyy aalll the timeeeee

I only want to eat chocolate

If you know when it might come, please tell me. And thank you for reading this
170 days ago
@Viv💕. Any signs now?
170 days ago
You will get yours in 0 - 2 months. If you haven't gotten it already, you will probably get it any day now! Carry a sanitary napkin with you and a change of pants just in case it comes when you least expect it! Good luck girly!
170 days ago
@person, are you gonna invite people? If so be careful because of the virus!
179 days ago
Hi, guys whats up.
I live in utah
I have a dog named bella
I go to IHMS
I am in 6th grade
I love swig, dogs, and friends
I want to be a vet when i grow up
or Cynologist
I have been to paris and new york
i am sensitive
187 days ago
Oof 2 to 5 months. Im grateful my bday is 7 days. And whos doing this coz of corona
192 days ago
I got 0-2 months, let’s see if it’s accurate, I hope 🤞 so 😂💕🩸
192 days ago
2-5months eeehh so excited and nervous what if I get it on my bday a while ago I did this quiz and it was in the date of my bday or around it June 14th
201 days ago
I got 0-2 months and I really hope it's rightttttt
205 days ago
It said 2-5 months... my birthday is in May. It's a pool party. (March right now)
220 days ago
This test was not accurate at all btw if you need me to estimate pls just type some of your details
226 days ago
0-2 months, I took about 6 other tests that said the same thing 😬
232 days ago
I got 0-2 months left and I believe it because I did 6 other test and got the same answers. I’m nervous though
238 days ago
It said 1+ years... I knew I was young but I wanted it to come 🥺
238 days ago
I got 6 - 12 :( I'm kind of sad nowww