Do you REALLY like him?

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Lots of girls think they have a crush on someone but more often than not, it turns out that they’re just building castles in the air, obsessing basically.So do you have a crush on him? Find out now.Accurate!

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    Do you find yourself smiling at the thought of him?

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755 days ago
Wait why?
764 days ago
Oh noooo I’m so sorry if both of you got madly in love maybe I’d better revise this quiz rolf
775 days ago
I'm madly in love! NOOOOOO THIS CAN'T BE TRUE!!!😭😭😭😭😭😖😫😪😢☹🙁😖😞😓😔😥😣😨😰😱😡🤒🤢🤮😵
830 days ago
Was part of that comment rude? Uh if it is srry
835 days ago
What. Apparently I'm madly in love!!!😨