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My Suicide Poem, Not copied. True

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I wrote this, and it's a true story about myself.

    screw my life by Queen
    Screw my life, if it ain't you with me, I shouldn't be alive, all my latest memories have you in 'em, cause without you, in my universe, I'll go too.

    Live or die, I can't live without you, I might as well die before you.

    I saw the cuts on your arms, all cut by a knife, the damned tears in your eyes. Thinkin' how you should die, but why should you die? It's me who should die, I'd been choking myself, trying to die, the Sam damned tears in my eyes, praying to die, holding my neck, breathing out, CO2, not breathing in, I'd been, doing this same thing since 4th grade, You think nobody care bout you? Well, I care, that's why I wrote this, cause ain't nobody give a Sh-t about me. Screw my life, it ain't worth no Penny, I understand why you want to go.

    So do I, I feel the hatred, I know the pain, I can't live with you gone, so please don't commit suicide. Please

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103 days ago
sorry this has happened to you
161 days ago
lizzy hi (57826) 11 seconds ago
lizzy hi (57826) 14 minutes ago
izzy hi (57826) 7 minutes ago
5 minutes ago
lizzy hi (57826) 11 minutes ago
you are Beautiful no matter what if bully’s say your not they are just insecure keep telling your self you are beautiful
lizzy hi (57826) 14 minutes ago
you skin is not paper don’t cut it
your face is not a mask do not cover it
your body is not a book do not judge it
your life is not a movie, do not end it
you matter💚💚💙💛💛 lizzy hi (57826) 2 minutes ago
hears a link if you watch it that whould be great also look at the comments https://youtu.be/XSqZ1-3LeiQ Just gonna keep going to put this at the top so quizzy sees it
Lemony willow (73843) 7 minutes ago
But I just want her to know we do care about her💕
164 days ago
all of us care about yiu
199 days ago
hello....im sorry queenie.......
207 days ago
Wow. I'm sorry this happened to you.
228 days ago
I meant same not sam
228 days ago
People actually read this?!!! I thought no one cared about me and my stupid depression!